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How to make a Pillow with Swerve Yarn


A few weeks ago I found some Swerve Yarn at our local craft store. There were so many colors and varieties, that I picked up a bunch. It has been so much fun to create scarves with the loop yarn, but my son wanted something a little different. He wanted a pillow! Here’s my simple steps to creating a pillow using the Swerve loop yarn!


How to make a Pillow with Swerve Yarn

Materials Needed


  • Crochet a block the size pillow you want
  • I used a double crochet stitch about 12 inches long
yarn pillow 1

Cut a piece of fabric the same size as your crocheted top

yarn pillow 2
  • Sew the fabric on three sides
yarn pillow 3
  • Turn right side out
  • Stuff the pillow to your desired thickness
yarn pillow 4
  • Sew the 4th opening closed
yarn pillow 5

Have you ever used this Swerve yarn? What’s your favorite thing to create with yarn and a crochet hook? I’d love to see!

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