How to Make a Paracord Bracelet

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Our family loves to watch survival shows and spend time out hiking. One of the things that my son is fascinated with is paracord bracelets. Now that he is almost 9 years old, he is ready to learn to make them himself. I have to be honest, figuring out the braid for the first time was a little tricky for me and my son. But after a few minutes, we figured out a great system.


How to Make a Paracord Bracelet

For Christmas a few years ago, my son bought a paracord bracelet for Dad and his sister, but now that he knows how to make them himself, Luke has big plans. We received 2 packages of paracord bracelet supplies from Oriental Trading. Now he has plenty of bracelets to make for Christmas presents and maybe even a few to sell at the Fall school craft show.

When my kids were small, they loved to create crafts. But as my son is growing up, he is outgrowing some of the things that he thinks are a bit too young. Making paracord bracelets is a great craft activity that he can learn now and continue to grow with.

luke paracord bracelets

Not sure how a Paracord bracelet can be a useful thing in the wild? Check out these 10 practical ways a paracord bracelet can be useful.

How to braid the Paracord

over under

Once we figured out our pattern, we were set.

  • Over/Under; Under/Through;
  • Pull/Straighten
  • Repeat in opposite direction

This video clip may help you see it easier.

paracord 1

Tip: Use a piece of tape to help keep the buckle in place while you braid the cord.

How to finish the bracelet

Finishing the bracelet is a bit tricky for us still. We tried several different options but honestly don’t have the perfect finish …yet. We did discover that if you pull the final cords as tight as possible, cut off the extra cord and then use a lighter to melt the edges, you will get a secure knot.

paracord finish
paracord 2

Read more about paracord bracelets and things to look for.

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Have you ever made paracord bracelets? Got any tips or favorite patterns/braids? We’d love to learn from you!

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