How to Make a Garden Journal

Do you keep a garden journal? Do you record what you plant and keep track of the progress? I have to admit that most of the time I simply scribble a rough image of my garden, toss the empty seed packs in a ziploc bag and then hope for the best. But this year, I am more dedicated to keeping records of what I plant so I can become a better gardener. If you are looking for easy ideas to keep up with your gardening successes, here are some tips to get started as well as how to make a personal garden journal.

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How to Make a Garden Journal

Save your Seed Packets

One of the things I usually fail at is knowing what I planted in each garden bed. But this year, I am making it simple. I have these plastic sheets where I can slide in the empty seed packets and keep a record of my planting.

Tip: Use baseball card holder sheets for easy storage!

If you don’t have plastic sheets, you can tape your seed packets onto the pages and keep up with them that way.

Divide into Sections

Using simple divider pages and clips, I can create sections in my journal for each garden bed and section. I can record all the information about when I plant, what I plant and how the growth goes.

Record Important Info

Keep up with the important things that happen throughout the growing season. This doesn’t have to be fancy. Just record the random events that you notice.

  • Did you get a late frost?
  • A week of solid rain?
  • Was there an unusual heat wave?
  • Did you notice deer tracks around the corn field?

Make it Personal

If you have a Cricut, then use some vinyl to make your garden journal personal.

  • Print and cut a fun garden design out of vinyl
  • Use the Cricut SVG file here
  • Use transfer paper to move the design from the vinyl backing

Now you are ready to record all your information about your gardening adventure this season.

Skip the DIY

You may decide that you want to keep a garden journal but you really don’t want to make your own. There are some really fun designs for garden journals that you can buy on!

How do you keep your seeds and garden plans organized? Got any great tips to share?

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