How to Make a Fortune Teller


This should take a few of you back to grade school. When’s the last time you made a fortune teller? 2nd grade? 5th grade? I had to sheeplishly admit that I didn’t actually know how. But, of course, I knew where to find out. I headed straight to my good friend Google and found out how to make a fortune teller.

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How to Make a Fortune Teller

This is one of those timeless activities that doesn’t require anything but a piece of paper and a pencil. You have to love an activity that involves thinking, counting, interaction and is FREE!

How to Make a Fortune Teller

I love doing activities with kids, especially when they are this easy and don’t require a huge clean up.

The possibilities for the fortunes are endless. My daughter decided that her fortunes should all be positive. She wants to own a horse farm, be rich, become a famous singer and live in California. Her 4 fortune options were super easy for her to decide on.

What would you put as your fortune options? I’d love to hear your best memories of Fortune Tellers.

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  1. OH I love these! I was just telling my daughter about this the other night. I’m going to have to make it with her now 🙂 thank you!

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