How to Make a Big Top Circus Centerpiece

We recently celebrated a Circus Themed birthday party for my 95 year old Grandma. It was so much fun to spend time decorating and creating a festive party room where we could meet and make memories as a family. One thing that we were all very conscious about was the expense of throwing this party. My Mom decided to create the Circus Centerpiece for one of the tables, but she didn’t want to spend a fortune on an arrangement from a local big hobby store. Instead she used a little creativity and created a beautiful centerpiece for a fraction of the cost.


How to Make a Big Top Circus Centerpiece

Materials Needed


  • Wrap the foam cube in red tissue paper.
  • Make 2 large bows using the red tulle ribbon.
  • Attach one of the ribbons to a skewer.
  • Wrap a piece of the red tulle around the cube and attach the 2nd bow.
  • Tie some strips of ribbon around several skewers and lay to the side.
  • Tape the boxes of animal crackers, peppermints and Cracker Jacks bags to individual skewers.
  • Blow up several balloons and attach to the skewers.
  • Poke each of the skewers into the foam cube to create the bouquet.

For other ideas on creating table decorations for parties on a budget, check out this post showing you how easy it is to turn a few balloons, bamboo skewers and a gift bag into a festive balloon centerpiece.

balloon centerpiece 2
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