How to Knit with Jumbo Needles

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Do you have lots of random skeins of yarn stored in your closets and want a unique project to use up your yarn and create something special? I have to admit that I have never quite mastered the art of knitting with regular-sized needles, but jumbo needles are super fun and kind of addictive. If you are looking for a new project and want to create something beautiful and unique, try knitting with jumbo needles and multiple skeins of yarn. This is also a great way to use up some of your random yarn!

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How to Knit with Oversized Needles

Materials Needed:


I am a very beginner level knitter, so don’t rely just on me to help you learn. Watch a youtube video to learn the basic process for casting on, knitting and casting off at the end.

I used the longtail cast-on method for knitting where I measured how wide I wanted my finished project to be and pulled out that much yarn to start.

I picked 4 colors of yarn that I liked and pulled out the center strand of each color. I used a recycled cheese puff plastic container to hold the 4 skeins. For my 2nd peach/salmon afghan I kept all my skeins of yarn in my favorite tote bag.

Tip: Keep the loops from falling off the large knitting needles by securing the end of the needle with a hair scrunchie. There’s nothing worse than losing your hard work when it slips off the needle.

Use all 4 strands of yarn as one when you knit each loop. At first, you may find it bulky and unnatural to knit with multiple strands but as you move forward with your afghan it does become easier. Do yourself a favor and check each loop as you get used to it and make sure you have all 4 colors. If you miss one, you will have to go back and pick it up to keep the loops consistent.

Wondering how big you should make your blanket? Check this blanket size chart to create the best size.

The fun thing about this blanket is how fast you can create a hand-knitted gift. Each row will measure approximately 2 inches wide so you can finish this product quicker than using traditional knitting needles or crochet hooks.

Have you ever knitted with oversized needles? Got any tips for a new knitter like me? What colors would you choose for a blanket like this?

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