How to Help Teachers on Summer Break

If you know (or are) a teacher, then you know that summer break is not spent forgetting about the coming school year. For most teachers, summer is spent dreaming about new ways to engage their students in learning adventures and planning how to teach new units and material. Sure, most of us non-teachers remember to do something special on teacher appreciation week, but why not use the summer break to do something extra special for your child’s teacher?

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How to Help Teachers on Summer Break

Recently I started thinking about some of the teachers I know. They often browse the catalogs of Oriental Trading dreaming about things they want to purchase for their students. Why not do what I did and offer a really fun gift for your teacher friends?

I asked one of my teacher friends to send me a list of things that she would love to have to start her new school year. Then I created this list of ideas of top teacher supplies and resources that make great gifts.

Stickers for all Seasons

Have you ever stopped to think about where teachers get all those fun stickers to motivate and reward your child when they do good work? They have stickers for open house welcoming them to their class, stickers for 100 Days, every holiday and of course stickers to celebrate the end of the year when the student is ready to promote. Since most teachers have to buy these fun stickers out of their own personal budget, why not pick up some seasonal stickers and add those to a fun gift basket?


My kids love pencils and have always been excited to bring home new special pencils that their teachers have given them. I grabbed a bunch of different character and holiday pencils so my special teacher will have some fun options for her kids!

Pencils for all Seasons


Most teachers have book shelves in their classroom so the students will have new options to read when they finish their work early. Go to a used bookstore like McKays in Knoxville or Half Price Books and pick up some new classics or fun student favorites and gift them to your teacher!

Teaching Aids

Teachers of every grade have new skills they are teaching and concepts they are reviewing with their students. Pick up some color sorting boxes, Emotions Cards or Ten Block Charts to help set the new teacher up for a successful year!

Teaching Aids

Crayons, Markers, Glue

No teacher ever has enough of the basic supplies. When the crayons, markers, and glue go on sale this summer, buy a few extra and give them to your student’s teacher.

Basic Supplies

Kids and germs go hand in hand. If you are like me, you don’t want your child’s classroom to run out of the basics like tissues, hand sanitizer, and paper towels. Pick up some extras to start off the year right!

What are some ideas you have for helping teachers out this summer?

Did you know that stickers can help save your vacation? Take a look at these fun ideas!

Store your stickers in a box
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