How to Get Through February

Are you looking for a few ideas to help you get through the last few months of winter? Right now is the time that most of us start going just a little bit crazy. Many of us have had some pretty snow days and now we’re dreaming about warmer weather and spring planting season. If this describes you, then take a few of these ideas and remember that spring is getting closer each day.

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How to Get Through February

Start a New Plant

Sometimes I just need to see something green and growing, even if it is still the middle of winter. I’ve got two philodendrons that are doing pretty well in the living room but I wanted something green in my new-to-me plant/quilt stand. I snipped a few cuttings and added them to my new Gina Desantis Ceramic planter.

Each Gina Desantis ceramic is designed and thrown by Gina in Lakewood, Ohio. Her team helps in many aspects of the work including trimming, handling mugs, glaze development, glazing pots, firing work and working on hand built items. The entire team is hands on in the process so she can proudly state her work is made in the USA.

About Gina DeSantis Ceramics

Start a New Skin Care Routine

The winter months can take a toll on our skin. With the heaters running constantly, the air just seems to be dry inside and then the harsh weather outside can create issues. Now may be a perfect time to try something new to give your skin a refresh.

Love Ur Skin offers products that are packed full of anti-inflammatory properties to calm acne-prone skin, relieve inflammation, and reduce blemishes. Gentle yet effective for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Powered by Plantolin. Our exclusive, patented extract.

Love Ur Skin

Have an Indoor Picnic

It may be too cold or wet to go for a traditional picnic, but now could be the perfect time for an indoor picnic. I received this new Fit + Fresh large cooler bag and am looking forward to our first spring picnic in a few weeks. But for now, won’t this be perfect for an inside winter picnic? Just spread out a blanket and set up supper with your favorite picnic foods.

This large cooler bag includes 4 acrylic plates, 4 acrylic wine glasses, 4 sets of utensils, 1 corkscrew, 1 cutting board, and a salt and pepper shaker. Compact and easy to pack!

Work on a Craft

Winter evenings are the perfect time to pull a ball of yarn and crochet a hat or some ‘don’t worry worms’.

Start Seeds for Spring Planting

There are lots of things I can do right now to keep my hands occupied, my brain dreaming and get things ready for planting season. Here are 6 things I’m doing right NOW so I’ll be ready when it’s warm enough to start the full-time gardening for the year!

What are you doing to enjoy these weeks of winter? I’d love to hear your favorite tips for thriving when the temperatures stay below freezing!

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