Pefect Gift ideas for Teens

Do you have teenagers in your house or on your Christmas gift list this year? If you do, then you know that it is often hard to decide what to give them. It’s hard to find the perfect gift idea for teens, but with a little bit of planning, you can pull off a perfect age-appropriate gift that will be practical but still a lot of fun! Here are some teen-approved gift ideas for the holidays.

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How to Find the Perfect Gift idea for Teens

The number one thing to consider when you are planning a gift for teenagers is their personality and lifestyle. Are they sports-focused? Technology? Game lovers? New Drivers? Think about where they are in their life and then pick a gift that they can use and love!

If the teen on your list is a young driver, there are some fun things you can give them to help them be prepared when they head out on their outings.

Teen gift idea mycharge adventure charger
  • AAA Membership: if the teen driver’s parents don’t carry an AAA membership, buy it for them!
  • First Aid Kit
  • Umbrella
  • Charger/Jumper Cables: Most of us know how inconvenient a dead battery can be and keep battery cables in the car; but what if they are out alone and need to get the car started quicker than AAA can arrive? The Adventure Jump Start is a perfect fit for the emergency car kit.

The 6600mAh AdventureJumpStart is a battery ideal for jump-starting your own car, truck, boat or ATV. With a 400A peak jump start current and a 200A jump start current, the battery provides power to jump your car or other vehicle’s battery. The AdventureJumpStart includes detachable jumper cables for use to jump-start your own car. The 6600mAh portable battery also charges phones, tablets, and other USB devices. Never lose power on the trail, mountain or job site again!

Adventure Charger

Another cool feature of this Adventure JumpStar is that it has a built in flashlight and can charge your phone or mobile device!

For the traveler

Teens who spend time on school buses with sports trips or academic meets need a way to recharge and enjoy their choice of music. You can pick up these items and give them to your special teen and be a definite hit!

Gift idea - fuzzy blanket and itunes card with earbuds

For the Artist

Teen artists need a way to carry their art supplies and take their creativity on the go. A simple canvas pencil wrap will let them transport their special pencils or gel pens without having them get lost or broken.

Add a sketch pad and gel pens and you have a simple but special gift idea!

Travel Hammocks

Last year my teens received a travel hammock from their aunt and uncle. These hammocks are the perfect addition to a summer day when they want to go out and read a book, but they’re also perfect to hang downstairs in the basement so they can relax after a long week of school.

portable hammock
Portable Hammock

What are some gift ideas you think are perfect for teens? I’d love to hear!

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