How to Find Roadside Attractions

Recently I was talking to some work colleagues and they were fascinated by all the unusual things that we find on our road trips. Things like the World’s Largest Pencil, the building shaped like a guitar or the larger than life pink elephant with reading glasses are things that often show up on my Instagram feed and in our conversations. So how do I find these things? Today I’m sharing some of my best tips to help you find roadside attractions on your next road trip!

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How to Find Roadside Attractions

How to Find Roadside Attractions

There are several sites that help me find these offbeat roadside attractions. Here are the three main sites I use for trip planning. is my #1 favorite place to find things to do on our road trips. You simply type in the place you are starting from and where you going.  You can add as many destinations as you want and pick the things you are interested in. You can turn on the filter for outdoors/recreation, points of interest, attractions/culture and much more. This is how I found the pink elephant on our recent trip through Wisconsin!

Trip Advisor

I have become quite the fan of Trip Advisor in the last year or so. When I know I’m heading to a new city area, I will type in the area where I’m headed and take a look at the things to do.

This site gives me real people’s reviews of the area attractions, parks and historic things to experience in the area.

Roadside America

Roadside America is a site where you can find information about the unusual, unique and often offbeat roadside statues, oddities, and items you don’t expect to find.

Some of my favorite Roadside Attractions

The pink elephant in Wisconsin is our most recent roadside oddity.

Pink Elephant in Wisconsin

4995 County Road V, Deforest, WI 53532

One a work trip a few months ago, I took a stretch break at the world’s largest pencil in Wytheville, VA!

When we were in Cincinnati this summer, my husband found this unique house for us to drive by and look at!

Abraham Lincoln Mural

We go to Lexington, Kentucky many times and recently we discovered this 60 foot mural of Abraham Lincoln!

On a quick visit to Staunton, VA to visit the homeplace of Woodrow Wilson, we found this oversize flowerpots!

Flowerpot - Staunton, VA - Roadside Attractions
Flowerpot – Staunton, VA

On our roadtrip through Pennsyvlania a few years ago, we discovered the Roadside Giants on the Lincoln Highway!

Roadside Giants - Lincoln Highway, PA
Roadside Giants – Lincoln Highway, PA

We have found many other unique things on our road trips! I want to hear what you have found! Tag me in a photo or leave a comment and tell me some of the things you have seen on your road trips! I’d love to hear!

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