How to Find a New Movie


Are you looking for a great movie to watch this weekend but you’re not really that excited about the newest releases? How about starting your search for a movie in a little different way? Think about what you love to do when you have a few free minutes. Do you love to take pictures, shoot a bow and arrow, search for hidden treasure or float a boat down the rapids? Then why not find a movie that features your hobby? Here are some tips on how to find a new movie!

How to Find a New Movie

Think about what you love and then do a google search.  If you put in “car race + the word movie,” you’ll find everything from Fast & Furious to the Love Bug.  Keep digging a little more and you may just find one you’ve never tried.

Be informed before you push play.  If language, sexual content or violence is an issue for you, then check IMDB or PluggedIn to get some reviews so you won’t be surprised.

Get a recommendation.  Check out Tastekid if you just want to find some similar movies.  It is super easy to use and does not require a login.  You just type in a favorite movie and click Suggest.  Not only does it give you movies that are similar but it will also suggest other media options as  well.

I have been working to compile a list of top movies inspired by hobbies. Right now there are over 60 movies that have been inspired by hobbies, sports or activities. Maybe you have a favorite movie that fits in one of her categories and isn’t there. I would love to add it to the list!

Top Movies Inspired By Hobbies

So check out the list and find a great movie to enjoy this weekend. And don’t forget the popcorn!

Click on the image to see all the top movies inspired by hobbies growing list!

If you go to the Movie Theater:

If you plan to go see a movie in the theater, make sure you get rewards and earn some FREE stuff!

Regal Crown Club

Regal Crown Club members earn rewards just for going to the movies. Use your credits to earn FREE popcorn, soft drinks, movies and more. For complete program rules, frequently asked questions and other information concerning the Regal Crown Club, click on Club Rules and the other links on the left side of the screen.

AMC Stubs

You know what’s better than popcorn at the movies? MORE popcorn at the movies, and with an AMC Stubs card, you’ll always get all your popcorn and fountain drinks upgraded to the next size FREE when you come in to the theatre. Period.

RedBox Savings

Many people love using Redbox to rent movies. Priced at only $1.27 for one night, it’s a really cheap way to see a movie. Make sure you take your savings one step further and sign up for Text Rewards. Get monthly freebies and special announcements texted straight to your phone. Text OFFERS to 727272. You can also sign up for an email newsletter that will send you offers, announcements and savings

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