How to Fill an Open Terrarium

Recently my parents gave me a beautiful glass terrarium on a stand. I was so excited to get it home and start an adventure with my first open glass terrarium. I did a quick search on the internet to see what would work best then I started planting. Just a little while later and I had this beautiful terrarium ready to bring me a smile each time I walked past. If you are looking for a way to bring gardening into your house this winter, try this!

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How to Fill an Open Terrarium

First the disclosure: I really don’t know what I’m doing. But isn’t that the fun of gardening? You start with a few basic pieces and then you experiment each season. Some things work and others don’t. That’s how we learn.

I started by adding a layer of decorative rocks around the edge of the glass to give it some drainage. Then I added some fresh potting soil to fill several inches for my base.

*I decided to remove the top glass from the roof so I would have better airflow for these plants. I used those glass panes to create a solid shelf on the bottom so I could tuck in smaller pots.

The next step was tucking in some plants. I did a mix of succulents, a basil start that I had rooted in the kitchen this past month, and even a few terracotta pots. I don’t know what the names of each of the plants are and have no idea if they are compatible. But I used what I had and will test them to see how they grow.

*I have recently been given a wide variety of succulents and starts so I’m excited to see how they grow in my terrarium.

Add Lighting

My aunt and uncle had just given me a double grow light that can be attached by sticky tape or tie straps. I attached one to the inside of the top roof and the other under the shelf for the bottom tray. Now I have a perfect grow light to help the plants get just the right amount of artificial sunlight.

I placed a couple of potted plants on the bottom shelf and tucked in some garden decorations from other plants throughout the house. Now I’m ready to watch and enjoy my indoor terrarium every time I walk past.

Have you ever grown plants in a terrarium? Got any tips to help me have better success? I’d love to hear!

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