How to Dry Mint for Winter

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of picking fresh mint each morning to add to my cup of water. I love fresh springs of mint in my ice water to sip on all throughout the day just as much as in a hot cup of water. But what do I do all winter when the fresh mint is no longer growing? That’s when I bring out my jars of dried mint. If you have fresh mint growing in your garden, then now is the perfect time to dry mint for winter.

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How to Dry Mint for Winter

Drying mint for winter is super easy. Just cut a bundle of fresh mint, rinse it to make sure there are no tag-a-long bugs, and then hang it in a warm dry place till the leaves are brittle.

Crush the leaves and store in a jar or container with a lid. Now you are ready to spoon into a tea bag anytime you want that fresh minty flavor in your hot or cold drink.

Have you ever dried mint for winter drinks? Got a favorite mint variety? I’d love to hear!

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