How to Display Your Family Tree


My friend posted a picture on Facebook of a really cool display of her friend’s family tree. There was a long thread of people who thought it was cool.

That got me to thinking. Where can you buy the pieces to make an amazing Family Tree Display for your home?

Display your Family Tree

Amazon has several options to get you started:

One blogger decided to do it herself. She has tried several times to achieve the look that works for her. Here’s one of her walls. Family Trees Grow on My Walls

Display your Family Tree
Image used by permission from RenounedNest

Order Wall Art Decal Frames

Celebrate your branch of the family! Our Family Tree Wall Art Decal is a Personalized Sticker with Photo Picture Frames, the perfect Vinyl Wall Design for your family room or living spaces.

Hang your family photos on the wall in off-set picture frames designed to turn your wall decor into a family showcase.

Display your family tree

Tree Branches Decal
You can use the Tree Branches wall decals to join together a series of framed photographs spread out on her walls. Her family tree is very wide, and the branches are spread out out a good distance away from the trunk.

Do you have a Family Tree Display? I’d love to see it!!!

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  1. Very cool ideas! I really need to do a family tree since my children do not know some of the great grandparents and others have passed away recently. Thinking on it…

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