How to Choose the Perfect Backpack

It may be the middle of winter, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to hole up and forget up about adventure. Whether you have small children and need to pick the best diaper bag/ backpack to carry all your baby gear or looking for a backpack for your next adventure, here are some tips to help you choose the perfect backpack for your life.

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How to Pick the Perfect Backpack

We have been hiking and exploring with our kids since they were very young. When the kids were small and we were using snugglies and backpack carriers, we had to carry diapers, wipes and baby stuff. One of us would carry the backpack while the other carried the kids. Then we would switch when they started getting heavy.

Rock City 2005

As they have grown older, we still carry backpacks on all our adventures. But now the kids are old enough to haul their own gear. Whether we are catching a plane or traveling in the van, the kids keep their books, lights, chargers, electronics and snacks in their own backpack.

Family travel

If you are looking for the perfect backpack for your lifestyle, here are some questions to help you make an informed decision. Just remember that picking the perfect backpack is an evolving process. The one you use today may not work for the next season of life. So keep several in your closet so you can pull out the best one for each adventure.

Think about your purpose

Are you planning to take a backwoods hike and need rugged construction or are you going to the mall with 3 little babies where you need snacks and diaper changing options? Are you carrying a laptop, earbuds and chargers or toting a game system with cartridges, batteries and games? Depending on your purpose, you will be able to narrow down your options and start deciding which backpack is best.

Diaper bag options: If you are in the ‘diaper bag’ stage of life but don’t want to carry a pastel colored bag with baby elephants you are in luck! The diaper bag/backpack from humble-bee offers everything you need for the babies, but looks trendy at the same time! It even has a outside accessible pouch for wet wipes! Talk about handy!

The Free Spirit SP diaper backpack is the lightest diaper bag in the market. Durable to carry everything you need for a day outside without burdening you with additional weight from the backpack. Designed with many exterior utility pockets to keep essentials easily accessible. The Free Spirit SP diaper backpack is the one family activity companion you won’t leave home without.

Read all about the humble-bee Diaper Backpack

Decide who is carrying the pack

Do you have little children who are carrying their own little backpacks through the airport or on the hiking trail? Give them something that is just their size. Are you the adult carrying everything for a full city walking tour? Then you can will want something large enough to carry all the snacks, water and extra gear for the day.

Practice carrying the backpack at full weight before you leave on your adventure so you will be comfortable and ready to haul the pack for the adventure of your choosing.

How much stuff do you need to carry?

When we go on winter hikes, we make sure everyone has layers of coats, scarves and hats. But where do those things go once the body temperature starts to go up? In the backpack of course. Before you head out on your next adventure, think about what all you need to carry. You may want to make a list so you can pick the right size backpack.

On city tours, we need to carry extra water for everyone along with snacks. I will never forget the time we were hiking in Boston and ran out of water near Bunker Hill. There were no restaurants or convenience stores and we were hot and thirsty. Now we make sure we all carry extra water in our own personal backpacks so we are never caught off guard!

Boston T
Boston Subway

Protect the Valuables

If you are carrying a laptop and other electronics, then you need to make sure your backpack protects your valuables. I love this Mountain Khakis laptop bag. It has the padding needed to keep my laptop safe but offers space for the chargers, cords and earbuds that I need on business trips.

Mountain Khakis Laptop Bag

What is your favorite backpack? Do you have different backpacks you use for all the events and adventures in your life? Do you have any tips for finding the perfect bag for your adventures?


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  1. I love versatility. Better yet I love a bag that is versatile. That’s one of the main things I look for. Thank you for sharing. Wouldove to win. ❤❤❤

  2. I’m looking for something durable and easy to clean. Somehow when my kids get sick it’s ALWAYS on my purse or bag so I have to be able to wash it easily!

  3. I look for compartments but the main thing I look at is the strength of the handle and the bottom of it.

  4. One thing I look for when choosing a new backpack is plenty of pockets! The more pockets or compartments, the better. 🙂

  5. I look for how much room the backpack has. At this point, it is doubling as a diaper bag, purse and snack holder so I need lots of space!

  6. I look for how much it can COMFORTABLY hold. I need it to hold a lot since it usually doubles as a diaper bag & my purse, but I’m not trying to kill my back & shoulders in the process.

  7. I always look for if it’s waterproof because that is a big plus to me because me and the kids are always out and about and it’s a mess when things get wet.

  8. I generally look for it to be durable. Too many times you get a backpack and it falls apart after a few uses. The backpacks I like are the ones that can withstand a tornado. When they have warranties.. I know they are good ones!

  9. I look for a backpack that is durable. I want something that is going to last through a whole school year and beyond.

  10. I like backpacks with a spot for my water bottle and plenty of room! Separate pockets for technology is a good bonus.

  11. I look for a backpack that has great organization. Room for a jacket, phone, purse and miscellaneous items.

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