How to Celebrate Your Love for Quilting

I have always had a fascination with quilts.  My grandma made dozens of quilts over her 98 1/2 years and taught me to quilt many years ago.  Some of my best memories with her involve us sitting on the floor and couch while we arranged and rearranged quilt squares trying to decide the best pattern and fabrics for our next project.  If you are a quilter or have a special fondness for quilting, then you’re going to love these ideas to help celebrate the craft of quilting.  These ideas are also perfect for Christmas and birthday presents for people who love quilting.

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How to Celebrate Your Love for Quilting

Quilting Journal

One of the best gifts I ever gave my Grandma was a quilters journal. Every quilt has a story.

  • Who made it? 
  • Where did you get the pattern or the fabric? 
  • Who was it given to? 
  • What year was it made? 
  • What was its purpose? 

I was passionate about discovering the story behind each of Grandma’s many quilts.  Together we started piecing together the history of each of her quilts.  I reached out to all the kids, grandkids, and friends who had received one of Hazel’s quilts and asked for a picture and anything they knew about the piece.  Slowly we filled the pages of the journal with stories and pictures.  

When I started my quilting journey, I purchased one for myself and started telling the stories and taking pictures as I made new quilts and afghans.  

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Personalized Coffee Mug

The love for quilts doesn’t always represent itself in fabric. A few weeks ago I decided to try a patchwork quilt coffee mug with the Cricut Mug Press. I used infusible ink to create a patchwork quilt design.  All you need is a Mug Press and your choice of infusible ink patterns. 

Quilt Built Candles & Coasters

Artist Troy Murrah celebrates quilt patterns beyond the cloth. After the passing of his mother, quilter, author, and wearable artist Judy Murrah, artist Troy Murrah remembered her words, “You should incorporate quilt patterns into your art.” In her memory, Murrah created a vibrant series of artwork out of reclaimed materials that replicated time-honored quilt block patterns.

Built Quilt creates bamboo coasters and tealight candle sets with iconic quilt patterns that can be incorporated into your regular everyday life.

Quilting Tools

Grandma had been quilting since the 1920s.  When she would start a new quilt, she would reach for her traditional scissors, a ruler, and a piece of cardboard to cut out her template. But now there are many tools that make the cutting process easier.  If you have someone who loves to quilt, then a great gift idea would be to buy them a new rotary cutter, cutting board, or quilting templates.

Do you love quilts?  Did you know that you can take an online quilt show tour here on Hobbies on a Budget?  Just click on any of the links below and enjoy the many quilts that have been shared by my family and friends over the years.   

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