How to Be Productive in the Busy Season

For many of us, it’s back to school time. That means a more structured schedule and less downtime to get things done. How do you get and stay motivated when life gets busy? Here are some of my favorite tips and ideas for being productive in the busy seasons of life.

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How to Be Productive in the Busy Season

Keep your Environment Clean

  • Make the Bed – The first thing I do each morning when we wake up is to make my bed. The bed is the biggest thing in the room and can give you an instant sense of satisfaction that at least one thing is ready for the day.
  • Clean your Table Surfaces – Whether I’m working from home or we’re all heading out the door, I want the kitchen table and counter to be clean and ready for the day. There’s just something so satisfying about walking back into the house and seeing a clutter-free kitchen surface.
  • Start Laundry first thing in the morning – If I remember to start a load of laundry first thing in the morning, it helps me stay caught up. Then I can switch it over right before the work day begins. Now folding? That’s another story….
  • Enjoy something Beautiful – There’s something about a fresh picked flower or a walk through the garden that helps me prepare for a busy day. Take the time to enjoy something beautiful when you get a break from work or before you start your day and you will probably be more productive the rest of your day.

Tackle One Thing at a Time

I’m really good at multi-tasking some things. I love to listen to a podcast while I’m cleaning the house or go for a walk while I’m on the phone talking to a family member. But there are some things that require focus. In order to be the most productive on some things, I have to tackle just one thing at a time.

Decide when you can multi-task and then give the other things your full attention.

Display Positive Quotes

Teachers are often really good at hanging positive motivational posters in the classroom. Maybe it’s a good idea to display encouraging posters in your home as well. Whether you purchase these to display in your classroom, office or family room at home, post visual reminders to be productive, positive and kind in the space you spend the most time.

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Make a List

A few years ago, I started using a simple spiral ring calendar that I picked up for a couple of dollars and it has helped me stay much more organized and productive. I keep it on my kitchen counter so I can update it immediately when things need to be added to the calendar.

This is also a great way to keep up with frequently used phone numbers or contacts.

Whether you use a paper calendar, an online planning tool like google calendar, or a simple notepad, pick an option that works for you and use it!

Do something you love

Life can be a bit busy, overwhelming, and sometimes even a bit stressful. But that does not mean you can’t have some fun each day. Schedule some time each day to do something you love. That may look like a walk around the garden picking okra or drawing a new flower on your sketchpad. Maybe it means sitting down for 6 minutes and playing an instrument or enjoying your favorite game on your phone before bed. Each of us should spend a few minutes doing something that we enjoy in order to help us be motivated throughout the rest of the day.

How do you stay productive during the busy times of life? Got any great tips? I’d love to hear!

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