How do You Track Your Travels?

Our family loves to hit the road and go exploring across the United States in search of something amazing. I am personally at 46 states and the rest of the family is building their state list quickly. The kids have been to 40+ states so far and we’re working to add new states to their list with every road trip opportunity. But how do you track your travels? Keeping up with where you have been is almost as much fun as experiencing new states and countries. There are many different ways that people track their travels.  Here are some of my favorite ideas!

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How do You Track Your Travels?

Some people love wall decor but others may prefer a souvenir bucket list book to check off each state or national park they visit. Track your family travels with these two keepsake books.

Vacation in all 50 states, DC, and Puerto Rico, and don’t forget to keep track of each stop with your very own bucket list! Then revisit your trips through this keepsake journal, full of family memories, amazing experiences with friends, and your favorite spots in the United States of America.

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For each of the 63 parks, find helpful facts on the terrain, geography, both natural and cultural history, and wildlife, as well as exclusive Bucket List Traveler tips and tricks to make the most of your time in the park. 

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If you are looking for something uniquely designed just for you, check out DifferentMaps. Different Maps can create a map for any place in the world. Whether you want a United States map like I ordered, or something very specific for your county, state, or geographic destination, you can request exactly what works for you. DifferentMaps creates wooden maps using laser-cut precision and epoxy resin.

Scratch off maps

One of the ways that we enjoy tracking our travels is the scratch-off travel maps. You can order USA maps or World Map – it just depends on whether you are focusing on United States domestic travel like we are right now or exploring the entire world.

Since we have not taken the kids outside the US yet, we chose to showcase the USA travel tracker map and scratch off only the states that all 5 of us have been to. As we go on family vacations, we will continue to scratch off the rest of the states and see how quickly we can uncover the entire United States!

Landmass’s USA with national parks Travel Tracker Map™ will get you out on the road ready to explore! The top layer is made of gold foil, much like a scratch ticket, with vibrant colors underneath

Printed on the gold foil is the state names, national parks, state capitals and highest peaks. Hidden underneath is the interstate highways to follow your road trips, as well as major cities and river systems for added detail.

Scratch off travel tracker map of the United States of America

The easiest way to scratch off the gold foil is to take a coin and start scratching! This was one more way we can share the memories of our road trips as we uncovered each state.

  • “Oh, I remember Missouri! That’s when we went to Springfield to visit Lincoln’s homeplace and grave!”
  • “Minnesota? Oh yeah! That’s the Mall of America state!”
  • “Lake Ontario? Oh definitely! That’s when we climbed the cliffs at Chimney Bluff!”

Making memories as a family is one of the things we value the most and I love finding ways to showcase that love of travel and family time in my home! We will never forget our visit to South Haven, Michigan It may have been pouring down rain but our time spent there down by the South Beach lighthouse was priceless.

I ordered this picture frame from Amazon so I could easily display my Travel Trackers Map in my home! The 16×24 inch frame was almost perfect. I did have to trim the top and bottom edges just a bit to make it fit.

Another way we track our travels is to use this wooden rustic United States map that we picked up in Paducah, Kentucky at MAKE! Paducah Art Studio last January.  We each have a map pin color and pin our state after each travel adventure.

Whether you choose to use a scratch-off map or pin your adventures on a board, take a minute today and count how many states you’ve been to!  Make sure you leave a comment to tell me how close you are to all 50 STATES!

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  1. never thought to keep track but hwat a brilliant idea. !!!! we have only been to about 6. so we keep them in our mind for memories. on a photo would be incredible!

  2. Just by memory, lol. I’d love to travel all over the world someday and this map looks like the coolest way to keep track!

  3. We currently don’t keep track of it. We recently started geocaching and we keep track that way but that’s just the last couple of years!

  4. I would love the opportunity to win this so my kids can track our travels! They have been to 13 states so far and they’re in Elementary School.

  5. I have been to 15 states and just keep track of them in my head
    But a way to track on a scratch off map would be amazing!

  6. Heading to Philadelphia for the first time tomorrow! Only have a few hours to explore between flights, but I’m excited. I’m going to take someone’s advice here and send myself a postcard from there.

  7. We’ve only been to two different states with our kiddos, besides where we live! I’d love to have this for them to start keeping track!

  8. We really don’t but this is a great way! I love visuals and it reminds me of my Grandma who had a map like this with pins!!!

  9. Right now we have a road atlas that we highlight all the roads we have traveled on. It is nice to look through, but this would be amazing to put on the wall to see what states we have yet to explore! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  10. Ooo, I love the idea that someone posted about sending yourself postcards! My husband and I are going to Rome, and someone told us to do that while we are there.

  11. I send post cards to myself when we are traveling. It’s inexpensive and fun! I keep them all together in a large basket.

    1. I love this idea! I told my husband about it, and we are going to do that when we visit Rome this month. We’re actually going to start sending post cards from all our trips.

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