Houseplant Intervention for the Forgetful Gardener

I have a serious ‘black thumb’ when it comes to houseplants and am a forgetful gardener. I just seem to have a problem keeping houseplants thriving. Sometimes I over-water and other times I completely forget to take care of them. If you are like me and need some intervention, I’ve got some ideas and products to help you do a better job taking care of your favorite houseplants.

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Houseplant Intervention for the Forgetful Gardener

Before I share ideas for improving your care for your houseplants, I have to share a few not-so-stellar memories of my personal plants. A few months ago, I asked my mom what she thought about my peace lily. It just looked a bit wilted and sad. I told her that I was watering it regularly so couldn’t understand what was wrong. When we inspected it closer, we found that I had been drowning it. Mom immediately called for towels and we started soaking up the water. Three towels later and Mom realized it needed more serious attention. We rolled it out to the deck and started pouring water out of the pot. It took about 20 minutes to get all the water to drain out. I had not been underwatering, I had just about killed it with too much water.

Another plant I have successfully killed multiple times is an English ivy that I inherited from my Grandma. Each year she would give me a start and I would kill it. She was patient and would give me another start each year in hopes that I would finally figure it out.

Have a Plan

I know that I have a serious issue caring for houseplants so this month so I enlisted the help of Home Jungle and my paper calendar. Instead of just emptying water bottles when I find them on the counter and hoping I have the right amount of water and nutrients, I am taking a more methodical approach. I record when I use the Home Jungle system and then make a reminder for each following week.

If you prefer an app to record your plant progress and remind you when to water, check out these 5 Apps that will (kinda) guarantee you won’t kill your houseplants.

Use the Right Products

My favorite tip is to use easy products. Maybe this has been one of my problems. I don’t need something difficult or time-consuming. I need easy!

Home Jungle products are organic, non-toxic, and safe for kids and pets. They are also easy to use. Simply add the Plant Nutrients to your pitcher and water your plants. Then drop in a few sprinkles of the Living Soil and finish off with a few spritzes of the Canopy Mist.

How often should I use Home Jungle products on my plants? Once a week on the day that you water your plants.

Plant Nutrients:

Add two pumps of Plant Nutrients per liter or a quart of feed water. Home Jungle recommends watering your plants only when they need water. The best way to test this is to either lift the pot to see if it is heavy or light or to push your finger into the soil about 1-1.5″ deep to see if it is dry.

Since I trust my Mom’s opinion of plant care, I double-checked with her about how much water I should pour into each plant. She echoed what the experts at Home Jungle say. When you put your finger into the soil, you want to feel the moisture down to your knuckle. This is a good way to prevent overwatering or letting it get to dry.

Living Soil

After watering your plant, take a quick minute and drop in 2-4 shakes of Living Soil to enhance the soil and provide the plants’ nutrients.

Canopy Mist

Home Jungle recommends you spray Canopy Mist on the tops and bottoms of the leaves about twice a month. In general, a light mist is best. After spraying there should be little dew drops all over your plant, there is no need to saturate your plant until it is dripping.

Make it Easy

The biggest issue with taking care of plants is when it is hard or inconvenient. Make it easy and you will help ensure success.

  • Keep a watering can in a handy location where you can easily access it. You don’t want to go searching for a watering can each time you need to water your flowers.
  • Store your products close to the plants in a cool, dry location.
  • Mark your calendar so you don’t have to guess when it’s time to water and add nutrients.
  • When you have a less than steller moment and you kill a plant with neglect or overcare, don’t get worked up. Just call in some help and get started fresh.

Order Home Jungle products today and get started on the road to houseplant success.

Do you have an amazing assortment of beautiful, thriving houseplants, or are you more like me and need a little intervention? Whatever your level of houseplant skill, I’d love to see your indoor garden and hear your stories!

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  1. Great idea on products to aid in caring for indoor plants. I laughed with the memory of the “overwatered” peace Lily. Most of my insight about indoor plants came from my mother. She loved to care for her plants and usually hummed a little hymn as she watered them Perhaps that was half the secret to her great success.

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