Houseplant Help for the Clueless Gardener

I love houseplants but have the hardest time keeping them alive and healthy. I remember how my Grandma would give me a new start to her English Ivy every single year and I would watch it wither every single year. I just have never been able to be a successful indoor gardener. But this year I have been concentrating hard on learning to grow houseplants. So here are some things I’ve learned that may help you if you feel like you are a clueless gardener.

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Houseplant Help for the Clueless Gardener

Be Willing to Try

I don’t have a natural green thumb but I do have a willingness to learn and a desire to grow things. Several years ago I purchased a small Aerogarden so I could grow things on my kitchen cabinet. This past week, I ordered replacement pods so I can grow salad lettuce here in the kitchen. I also am using the light to help boost the growth on several succulents and even a stalk of celery.

These two succulents are looking pretty scrawny so I’m hoping the extra grow light might help them survive.

Ask for Help

I don’t instinctively know how much water, light or what size pots to use so I often ask for help. I call my mom or another family member and ask them for advice or do a quick search on the internet. We all know people who can grow anything, so let’s use these resources.

Read Books

Earlier this year I received a book called Houseplant Party. I read it through quickly at the time but this past week I read through it completely and was motivated to try a few new things.

Trim the Dead Leaves

One of the things my Mom often does when she visits is help me trim the dead brown spots on my ivies and indoor plants. Houseplant Party reminded me to get my scissors out and trim off all these dead spots and give the plants a new opportunity to live and thrive.

Remember to Water

This is a tricky one for me. I tend to forget to water and then overwater and drown the plants. If you have trouble remembering to water your plants, use a simple notebook or journal or even download an app like Planta to be reminded,

Transplant When Needed

One of the plants I inherited from my Grandma a few years ago was still in a very small pot so this week I transplanted it out of the pot, gave it some fresh potting soil and trimmed off the dead leaves. I’m hopeful that it will start to thrive again with the extra space and attention.

Decorate the Pots

I have a succulent that came in a simple terracotta pot. Since it sits out where I can see it every day, I decided to use my Cricut and design a vinyl phrase for 2021.

Are you a gardening natural with beautiful plants in your home or are you more like me – the clueless gardener who is scrambling to keep houseplants alive? Got any tips to help me do a better job taking care of my indoor plants? I’d love to hear!

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