How to Host an Ornament Exchange

One of the most popular gift exchange ideas during the Christmas holidays is an ornament exchange. Many co-workers, teachers, and small groups opt to exchange ornaments instead of larger, more costly gifts. There are many variations for gifting ornaments, but one fun way to do an ornament exchange is to host an ornament exchange party! It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but this can be a fun way to spend time together and make memories during the holiday season! Affiliate links are included in this post.
How to Host an Ornament Exchange

How to Host an Ornament Exchange

There are only a couple of things you must have for an ornament exchange party. Here are some tips to help you host the event without adding stress to your life.

There must be ornaments.

When hosting an ornament exchange party, you must have ornaments. I love buying ornaments from Oriental Trading because there are so many different options and the prices are right in line with what I want to pay. We ordered some fun holiday character ornaments as well as some basketballs and glass balls as our contribution to the ornament exchange party.
How to host an ornament exchange
Option: You can provide all the ornaments or request that each guest bring some of their own. It’s up to you to decide how many ornaments each person should bring.

Have portable containers

I keep a stash of portable boxes for gifting ornaments. You can use gift bags if you prefer but I have found that little cupcake-size boxes are perfect for keeping ornaments safe and unbroken. You can wrap them in tissue paper or crinkled paper filler. By putting each Christmas ornament in a small gift box, you not only have a great gift but a beautiful way to present it as well.
offer portable containers for the ornament exchange
Ornaments make perfect gifts for teachers! They are inexpensive for the child to give and they are easy for the teachers to enjoy each year. After all, most teachers don’t really need a new coffee cup or candle, from every student, right?
how to host an ornament exchange

Offer Marker options

Part of the fun of gifting ornaments is being able to customize them for each person. Our family has a tradition of adding one ornament to the tree each year. We let the kids put their name and the year on the ornament so we can all enjoy looking back each year as we put up the tree.
Markers for the ornament exchange


No party is complete without snacks. So make your party a success by offering each guest a cup of hot chocolate and some peppermints. You could even work out an exchange where each guest brings something to snack on while you celebrate. No holiday party should involve stress or extra hassle on the part of the hostess or the guests. So use an ornament exchange party as an opportunity to celebrate friendships while getting gifts ready for the special people in your life. Do you enjoy sharing ornaments each holiday season? What is your favorite ornament of all time? I’d love to hear!
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