Homemade Crayons with a Candle Warmer


Everyone has seen people making homemade crayons by melting them in the oven using muffin pans. But honestly, that is too much work for me. I don’t like the smell of the burning crayons and hate the mess that it makes. This past week, I decided to cut the process in half and make some homemade crayons with a candle warmer.


Homemade Crayons with a Candle Warmer


Materials Needed

Old Crayons
Candle Warmer
Old Candle holder
Candy or Wax Molds


Peel the paper off the crayons
Break them in to pieces and melt in the candle holder


Pour the melted crayons into the candle molds
Let them cool for a few minutes.

homemade crayons candle holder

Pop the crayons out.
Color and Enjoy!

We kept the colors separate but these would be super fun to mix the melted colors and make rainbow crayons.

homemade crayons luke

Have you ever made homemade crayons this way? My son had a ball watching the crayons melt and helping make his own custom crayons; I enjoyed the fact that the house didn’t stink when we were done! What do you think? Ready to make your own crayons? I’d love to hear!

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  1. I haven’t tried to make crayons this way but it sure seems easy! Maybe I will try it on one of these snow days we are having….thanks!

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