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Home Touch Up Kit Giveaway

It’s summer break which means school is out and home improvement projects are on the front burner. What projects do you have on your to-do list? Do you have some holes to fill, caulking that needs to be replaced in the bathroom or walls that need to be painted? I’ve got just the thing for you! Here’s a chance to WIN this great Home Improvement Kit from DAP!

Hobbies on a Budget received products or discounts for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own.

Home Improvement Kit Giveaway

Homeowner Touch-up Tips:

  • Repair and refresh walls: Use NEW ALEX Flex Spackling and ALEX Plus Spackling to fill holes and cracks on surfaces before painting. The result is durable, easy to sand and the repaired areas won’t sink or shrink.
  • Refresh kitchen and bath hardware: Small features like hardware can visually update a room. Keep in mind brushed metals are trendy and widely appealing when selecting options.
  • Paint the front door: Simply clean the current door, protect edges with painter’s tape, and add a few fresh coats of exterior paint.
Home Touch Up Kit
  • Re-caulk the kitchen and bathroom – Exposure to water and moisture over time can cause caulk to look dirty and unsightly. For a clean appearance, remove the old caulk, thoroughly clean the area to remove any dirt or residue, then re-caulk with DAP Kwik Seal Ultra Sealant. Backed by a lifetime mold and mildew resistance guarantee, this premium siliconized kitchen and bath sealant repels water, liquids, soap scum, stains so the sealant stays looking clean, fresh and new. Plus, it is safe for all surfaces, even granite, and marble.
  • Keep drafts at bay: Checking for gaps around windows and doors is a smart move whether you’re just moving in or have been in your home for years. EXTREME STRETCH and DYNAFLEX 230 help keep drafts at bay.
Home Touch Up Kit

Home Touch-up Kit Giveaway: ARV $100

Hobbies on a Budget is not responsible for shipment of this prize. US Winner only; Ends July 7, 2017

What is in the Home Touch Up Kit?

Home Touch Up Kit Giveaway
  • Painting and spackling:
    • NEW ALEX Flex Spackling and ALEX Plus Spackling to fill holes and smooth out surfaces
    • ALEX Flex Caulk and ALEX Plus caulk for a professional finish on trim and molding
    • Plastic Wood and Plastic Wood-X to fill and repair wood
    • Plus a painting kit to help finish the job with a paint tray, rollers and brushes.
  • Seal gaps around windows and doors:
    • Plus a caulk removal tool and caulk gun
  • Bathroom and kitchen:
    • DAP Kwik Seal Ultra Sealant to keep moisture out
  • $50 VISA gift card
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  1. Would really like to do some caulking, diy shelves and redesign the house. What a great giveaway!

  2. We are doing our utility room and hallway. A coat of paint, new flooring and new cabinets. I’m so excited to see the finished product!

  3. We have a front yard that needs to be landscaped, hubby is finishing the siding. The back enclosed porch is 1/2 done and on rainy days the bathroom!

  4. Too many but my sons room needs to be finished. He will be a year next month and the room was never finished.

  5. We are redoing my daughter’s bathroom and this would be perfect. Thanks for the chance. Would love to win.

  6. We need to get our what I call ‘schools nook’ done. Somewhere to hang backpacks and put shoes

  7. We’re planning to repaint the hall bath this summer, and recaulk the window in there. Also on the list is patch the hole under the fuse box in the hall. And I’m sure if I look around more, I’ll find more for the honey-do list. LOL

  8. We need to fix up our deck and our sunroom. This would be great to maybe look at some new ideas and do something mind shattering!

  9. We are in the process of repainting all the rooms oin our house we bought two years ago. Plus a kitchen remodel down the road

  10. We’ve already painted the hallway walls and touched up some dinged areas in the living room. Still need to sand and paint a chair, paint some drywall, and hang some curtains.

  11. We are doing a kitchen remodel with new countertops, backsplash, and flooring. We could use this for sure!!

  12. I’m planning on redoing our entire master bathroom, if we can afford it! It’s just a falling apart mess right now lol.

  13. The new pups chase the cat so the cat has been “skidding off” the walls leaving nice, deep scratches – we need to fix those. Thanks for the chance.

  14. Up first is repainting my garage! Then the next biggie on my list is repainting my living room!

  15. Painting one wall in my kitchen and one in my living room to be the main focus of said rooms.

  16. We live with my mother and she has a lot of things that need done. Just had new gutters installed because it was draining down to our basement and creating mold. So now that this is fixed we are going to get rid of the mold, repaint the basement and get new edging. Hopefully we can install some carpet in there now too!

  17. My husband and I just purchased our fixer upper! Right after we purchased it, my husband found out he’d be getting orders. We’ve decided to fix up the entire house ahead of schedule so we can rent it out while we are away! This kit is amazing and would be so helpful for painting our porch/sunroom. Thank you for the opportunity!

  18. I have many projects on the to do list. I want to paint the bathroom and my bedroom. I am updating the back bedroom to turn it into the gameroom/TV room and spare bedroom. Hopefully they will all be done by fall.

  19. My new puppy ate a hole in the drywall AND the baseboard AND the rug…fixing those are all the list! Thanks!

  20. This summer the main project is to recaulk the bathtub and make sure it isn’t leaking into my son’s room! Other than that, just various things around the house need fixing and reorganization.

  21. We are working in our children’s bathroom. This will be great. Thanks for the chance. Would love to win!

  22. Oh a lot..
    1. roof
    2. front door
    3. patio door
    4. carpet on landing
    5. fix hole in the wall (don’t ask)

  23. We had a flood so we have to re-do the laundry room – paint and install a floor. Thanks for the chance!

  24. I am always doing some home imfrovements in my home I love it so much fun. Right now I’m making a tv stand out of a dresser and re-doing my living room.

  25. One important project i have is replacing my kitchen ceiling which had to be torn down due to a leak in the upstairs bathroom.

  26. There’s actually quite a few things on the list. One is putting up new drywall in the bedroom. Boy, how much fun! 😉

  27. The easier qauestion is what home project don’t we have. We are going to be painting the inside of the house, redoing the kitchen and bathroom. Once that is done we are going to probably redo the floors. I’t going to be busy!

  28. washing the house with the pressure washer and the wooden fence to get the green off and paint he fence

  29. I’d like to do as much as possible in our main bathroom. I know the tub needs caulking. I’d also like to tear up the carpet and lay tile. Then, of course, new mirror and lights would be nice.

  30. We have so much caulking that needs doing in the bathroom! I don’t where it all went…seems like the Caulk Fairy took it….

  31. Wow–the list goes on! I have a dry wall repair, some painting (a lot of painting), hang hooks, hang pictures…

  32. Finish cleaning out and reorganizing the basement would love to redo back deck as well make it useable again.

  33. I’d like to finish up our bathroom, we remodeled five years ago & it still needs some touch ups.

  34. This summer we’re kind of taking it easy with home improvement projects. But, we are going to wash and re-stain our deck and paint some window trim! We’re also thinking about adding accent wall colors throughout our home — so this home improvement kit will come in very handy!

  35. I am painting the trim around the house, fixed some concrete by the garage, staining the back porch.

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