Gifts We All Need this Holiday Season

Have you started planning your Christmas list yet? I love planning and shopping early so that by the time December rolls around, I don’t have to stress about late deliveries or fight the crowds. But what should I give everyone on my list this year? I’ve got some gift ideas that everyone needs this holiday season, and you might be surprised at what’s not on the list.

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Gifts that Everyone Needs this Holiday Season


What can you give the people on your list that doesn’t cost a penny but will make a lasting impression? The answer is of course, time! Whether you have small children or aging grandparents, the best thing anyone can give is quality time. Consider making a coupon book with gifts like ‘an extra hour at the park’ or ‘an extra afternoon relaxing together around the living room after the holiday meal’. Just being together is often the hardest gift to give and yet the most valuable gift to receive from the people you love.

Tip: If you make a gift with the promise of time, make sure you deliver! Put it on your schedule so you will not forget to spend time with your loved ones!


A few years ago, we started planning a holiday outing with our parents where we go out together and make memories. Tip: Remember to take pictures of each of the family members on your holiday outings. This will help you remember the events and solidify the memories for the future years.


These are gifts that are not meant to last but will be consumed or used up in a set amount of time. When my brother was in college, he asked that we not give him any gifts at Christmas because he was in transition and didn’t want to have a bunch of knick-knacks weighing him down. That was the year I discovered the beauty of consumable gifts. We filled a box with his favorite foods that he could consume over the next few weeks. It saved him money and showed him how much we cared.

Consumable gifts are perfect for teachers, pastors, and grandparents. You could buy a bag of the person’s favorite candies and create a bouquet or just drop them in a festive bag.

Tip: Pack your own box of special consumables or order premade boxes and have them sent directly to the people on your list.


This is a great gift for grandparents but can also be very helpful for young Moms or new homeowners. Take a minute and remember what it was like when your kids were babies. Remember how you would have given almost anything for 15 minutes of ‘me time? Why not volunteer to watch your friend’s baby and give her a chance to get a shower or take a nap?

If you have a family member that has recently bought a new house you could give a gift of work and offer to come over and help paint. Grandparents would love to have you spend a few hours just doing basic home and yard maintenance like raking leaves or changing light bulbs.

Let’s think outside the box this year and find some great holiday gifts that show our love in a little different way.

What kind of Christmas gifts are you planning this year? I’d love to hear!

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