Holiday Scrapbook Memories

As a Mom you have many treasured scraps of paper, school art projects, favorite costumes, photos of special moments. It’s impossible to keep them all. Most of the time the memorabilia gets moved farther back in the closet or under the bed each year and you just forget about it. But my Aunt and Mom shared a solution for this problem of the lost holiday memories. Make a seasonal album as your children are growing up so you can pull it out each season and remember the special moments!

Holiday Scrapbooks are a great way to capture the memories for future generations.

Holiday Scrapbook Memories

holiday scrapbook memories

Holiday scrapbooks are a great way to preserve the memories of the seasons. Whether you’re doing a book for Christmas, Winter, Spring, Halloween or Summer – each season provides plenty of opportunities for some great craft and childhood fun!

Halloween Scrapbook Memories

My aunt has boys that are grown adults but she still has these special moments captured in a 3 ring binder. Every year she pulls out the albums with her seasonal decorations and gets to enjoy these memories. Recently she shared her Halloween memory book with me while we enjoyed lunch.

halloween scrapbook

What is in the seasonal scrapbooks?

My aunt has a list of both of her boys and what they dressed up for each year. It was fun to see the boys change their likes and interest as they changed their costumes throughout the years. She then has several photo pages showing the boys in full costume.

This is obviously something you would need to keep up with from the beginning. With 3 children and 10 years of Halloween costumes, it could become a tedious chore instead of something fun if you haven’t been keeping up with them as they grow.

The rest of the book is full of pumpkins, ghosts, scary crafts and fun projects they did as kids. Doing this today is even easier. If the kids bring home an oversized project we can just take a picture and add the picture instead of the full project.

My Holiday Scrapbook

I have a Christmas scrapbook that starts the first year my husband and I got married and continues each holiday season. Every Christmas we pull out the green scrapbook album and take a walk through 19 years of Christmas memories. I don’t know how many more years I can fit in one book. I have a feeling I’m going to have to start book 2 for the next years….

I use the plastic slip pages so I am able to drop in special non picture items as well – Letters to Santa, special Christmas letters or cards and random bits of paper that have special significance.

This is my most prized holiday tradition! I love being able to see all of our Christmas memories in one place. This is also my only diligent scrapbooking time. Before January is 2 weeks old, I always want to have all of the previous Christmas in the book before I lose the momentum and the photos.

My Mom’s seasonal books

My Mom has done this same thing. She lays the holiday albums out on the coffee table when we all go home for the holidays. She has themed scrapbooks for the seasons. I recently enjoyed looking through her Fall Album which includes Halloween and many pictures of the family playing in the leaves.

moms fall memory book

Is it too late to start?

Of course not! It’s never too late to start doing something special for your family. If your kids are all grown, then you may not want to try to recreate every season and every year in a scrapbook. But you can start where you are now and begin preserving the memories of the seasons.

Do you do seasonal albums like this? I’d love to hear your memories and tips!

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  1. That’s so nice. I have such good intentions of doing this kind of thing just can’t ever get to it. Maybe I’ll just keep a box of stuff in the living room so I always see it and do a little everyday!

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