Hobby Fiasco – Saw & Dryer

What’s your worst hobby related fiasco? Periodically, I will post a real-life hobby fiasco experienced by a Hobbies On A Budget readers. I had an experience 10 years ago that still haunts me at family get togethers. It could have been a bad thing, but since everything turned out all right, this hobby fiasco that happened with me, my saw and my dryer has taken on legendary status.

Hobby Fiasco – Saw & Dryer

Personal Experience:
In an attempt to save money and be crafty, I decided to build a shelf in our utility room. I placed a piece of salvaged wood on my dryer, plugged in the skill saw and started sawing. I didn’t realize that wood will vibrate when you use the saw and I didn’t think about how deep the saw would cut.

Seconds later, I had a beautiful 4 inch cut in the body of my dryer. Fortunately, I didn’t hurt anything vital and my dryer still worked. I just had to live with the family legend I had created.

Even to this day, my family and friends reminds me that I have lost all ‘saw priviliges’ and laugh at my lack of wood working skills.

If you have a hobby fiasco you’d like to share, I’d love to hear!

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  1. I don’t even try to be handy, I leave that to anyone else that wants to do that kind of stuff, that keeps the mishaps down to zero!! :0)

  2. I must admit, I’m a little afraid of circular saws. My favorite fiasco occurred in shop class. I was using the large, automatic sander on a small piece of wood. I guess I didn’t have a tight enough grip and the slab swept out of my hand and across the room, whizzing right past my teacher’s head. He was not amused, and the rest of the class were none too happy when he took over the responsibility of sanding all 100 of my wood pieces (we were constructing a wooden mobile) while everyone else sanded their own.

  3. I am good at slicing the extension cord when using the hedge trimmer. So far I haven’t cut clear through the cord, so I haven’t been electricuted yet!

  4. If it makes you feel any better, I had a contractor once use my two couches for saw horses when I wasn’t home and he ended up sawing the back of one completely in half. Can you say FIRED!!!!

  5. Good one! I was wrapping Christmas gifts once when I was a little girl. I was so proud of myself because no one was helping me and I was doing a pretty good job! So when I went to put away all the gift wrapping supplies, there it was. . . an 8 inch cut in my parent’s comforter! Yes I had been wrapping gifts on their bed! OOPS!!

  6. oh man i have had moments like that too i’m sure we all have especially when your a house wife while the husband’s at work you have an idea that maybe you will fix the house since it needs to be done you take it into your own hands and then oops i’ve done it =}

  7. Glad to hear you didn’t get hurt. That’s one thing I can say I’m really good with is saws. That’s right I’m every mans worse nightmare – A woman with power tools.

  8. It is always a very good idea to read up on using any tool such as this. The pros make it look easy to use, but you have to know what you are doing. Thank goodness you were not injured

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  9. Oh my gosh!———–That could been very dangerous– but it is funny too–I’ll have to remember this

  10. Yikes! That could have turned into a very expensive project, but I’m glad it didn’t and nothing worse happened!

  11. Wow that’s scary! It’s one of those things you laugh about later on, but I bet you weren’t too happy when it happened.

  12. That sounds like it was fun haha. I guess my current hobby is working out and yesterday I was doing ski jumps in Insanity and landed on my ankle…If that counts as a fiasco. lol

  13. You are brave, I don’t think I’d ever “touch” a saw! Thank God only the dryer was “injured” 🙂

  14. Thank goodness,that the dryer wasn’t hurt… 🙂 I did a painting job in my bathroom,well,after spending all day in there painting,then the next day,my son,hand put a dirty hand on the wall,so I washed it off… 🙂 Yup you guess it.the paint washed off as well… 🙁 Needless to say,I was kind of upset.,so when my husband came home from camping,he said that it was a nice surprise,but,he had to repaint the whole bathroom…Well, lets just say,I now know that I have to use primer paint first,then paint…OOOPPs…:)

    1. You think you love it???? You should hear my family (kids, in laws, siblings, husband……) I’ll never live this down! lol

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