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On a recent trip over to Bowling Green, Kentucky we took the time to visit the Historic Railpark. Both my husband and I can remember growing up in Bowling Green and seeing the huge depot in various stages of disrepair. Now, the train depot has been restored and turned into an interactive museum with the opportunity to take a personal tour through the various rail cars. I’m not sure who enjoyed the tour more – the kids or us adults!

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Historic Railpark & Train Museum

There is a self-guided tour through the interactive displays showing you all about the history of the railroad and the progress that has been made through history. You take a walk through two floors of history. There is even a kids play area on the main floor so the young kids can enjoy playing with all things train related!

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The highlight of the Historic Railpark for us was definitely the personal tour through the train cars. I’ve heard the stories of where my Mom grew up riding the L&N railroad from Louisville to Bowling Green and sometimes even down to Alabama. Since my Great Granddad was a brakeman and then a lineman on the L&N, her family would regularly ride the rails, eat in the dining car and try to sleep while the train was racing down the track.


Trivia: Did you know that you might be charged a higher amount for food depending on where you were sitting in the dining car? If you purchased your food from the front table, you might not have to pay as high a tax as the person in the last table. It would all depend on what county you were in when the porter took your order.

Getting the personal tour and learning about the different places to sleep and hearing some of the personal stories really made this part of history come alive.

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Step back in time to the golden era of railroad passenger service as a Tour Guide takes you behind the scenes of a Railway Post Office Car, Dining Car, Sleeper Car and Office Car. Meander at your leisure inside the museum. Activate the model railroad exhibit by the sHOw Modular Model Railroad Club, and explore the social and cultural history of the railroad through exhibits on Segregation, Hobos, Dining Car, and the Civil War. Kids under 5 can enjoy the play area in the Gift Shop!

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Things to Know: Historic Railpark

Mon-Sat 9am-5pm CST
Sun 1pm–4pm CST

$12 for adults
$10 for seniors (60+)
$6 for children (ages 5-12)
Children 4 and under are free

401 Kentucky St Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101

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Have you visited the Historic Railpark in Bowling Green? I’d love to hear your favorite part!

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