Hiking the Wave Cave Trail


I love finding new hiking trails and beautiful places to explore.  Recently I was in Phoenix, Arizona and had the opportunity to hike the Wave Cave Trail in the Superstition Mountains.  This hike takes you through some amazing country where you can get right up close to the mighty saguaro cactus and ends with a breathtaking view at the top of the mountain and an impressive cave to explore! 

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Hiking the Wave Cave Trail in the Superstition Mountains

The Wave Cave Trail is listed as a moderate hike but is actually a bit more challenging than what I consider moderate.  You start the trail with a nice path through the cactus and other natural vegetation for about about 45 minutes.  The path is easy to follow as you wind through the saguaro and other varieties of cacti.

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Remember that cactus are beautiful but wild and can be dangerous if touched. So take lots of pictures, but don’t reach out and touch any of the cacti.

When you get to a fence on the trail, you will go through the slight opening in the gate and continue your trail. (Some people get confused at this point in the trail. Click here to see pictures of the fence and make sure you don’t miss the trail). 

From this point, the trail gets incrementally more difficult.  You will start an incline and find more rocks and boulders to climb over.

The trail becomes steep pretty quick at this point.  Take it slow and don’t try to race to the top. You won’t get lost as long as you follow the white arrows that are painted on rocks along the trail.

When you reach the cave, take time to rest and enjoy the scenic overlook. It’s absolutely amazing and makes the climb worth every tired muscle!

Depending on when you are there, you might get this amazing silhouette effect on your pictures when you stand on the overlook in the cave! Use a timer on your phone or better yet, trade photo ops with another hiker and let them take your picture after you take theirs! Everyone deserves to get their chance at this amazing overlook!

Things to Remember: 

  • Wear proper hiking shoes: This is not the trail for flip flops or slip-on shoes.  
  • Hike Smart: If you know that you are not always surefooted, then own that knowledge.  When hiking with friends and family members who may have a tendency to slip or be a bit clumsy, remember to work together and give a helping hand. Don’t try to do more than you know your body can handle. 
  • Stay hydrated: Arizona is known for its dry heat and you may not find yourself sweating as much as you do ‘back home’ but don’t be fooled.  Remember to drink plenty of water as you are hiking so you will stay hydrated and able to enjoy the hike.  

I always hike with a filtered water bottle in addition to my water bladder backpack.  For this trip, I carried the Seychelle water bottle that allows me to drink filtered water and gives me peace of mind. If I run low on water and need to refill from a stream or river in an emergency, I always have a safe source of drinking water.

I love his Seychelle water bottle and have now carried it on hiking trips and through the airport in Arizona as well as on countless day trips here closer to home! This is my current go-to travel water bottle because it gives me clean water and an easy to tote strap.

Remember to fill the bottle at least twice before you use it and then squeeze out the water before you take a drink.  When you use it for the first time, the filter may be dry and give you a bad first taste.  I know this from personal experience.  So trust me, fill and squeeze BEFORE you drink it the first time! 

The Seychelle bottle is great for everyday use or weekend camping trips. The 28 oz. bottle has the option of an Advanced filter or Regular filter, along with a sleeve and wrist strap that can be customized (minimum orders apply). Wherever your day takes you, trust that your drinking water is 99.99% contaminant free.



Parking is free and available in a lot at the Carney Springs Trailhead. Click here for directions.

Address: Lost Goldmine Trail, Gold Canyon, AZ 85118

Have you ever hiked the Wave Cave Trail? Do you have another favorite trail that you absolutely love? I’d love to hear and see pictures!

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