Hiking Honeymoon Falls Trail at Pine Mountain State Park


Have you ever hiked the trails at Pine Mountain State Park in Pineville, Kentucky? This past weekend we spent several hours hiking Honeymoon Falls Trail. The waterfall is not the largest in Kentucky, but the trail has definitely become one of our new favorites. This is only one of the many trails to explore on Pine Mountain. I can’t wait to go back and discover more of the hiking trails.


Hiking Honeymoon Falls Trail at Pine Mountain State Park


Pine Mountain State Park is located in Pineville, Kentucky about 35 minutes east of I75 (Corbin, KY). Not only is this a great place to find some beautiful hikes, but you can also find accommodations at the lodge or in their scenic cabins.


We accessed the Honeymoon Falls Trail from the Stairway trail behind the lodge. We were there on a perfect weekend when the snow was starting to melt across the trails, rocks and trees.


Honeymoon falls, at 25 feet in height, is the largest waterfall in the park. The falls are visible throughout the year but may be reduced to a trickle during long periods of dry weather. The section of trail from the official trailhead to the falls is exceptionally intriguing as the trail ascends a mountain stream and passes through lush growths of rhododendron. You’ll also encounter old growth forest communities along this trail. Elevation change of 350 feet and marked with yellow blazes.

Sometimes a picture will say more than all the descriptions I can share. We loved our hike up the Honeymoon Falls Trail.

sharon and kids_tn
trail greenery_tn

The trail is well marked with colored spots on the trees. At one point the trail winds through a rock boulder tunnel. It is clearly marked with the yellow paint spot and makes the trail even more fun to hike.

trail 1_tn
trail 2_tn
well marked trail_tn

Farther along the trail, you get to climb a set of wooden steps up the side of the mountain. By the time we got to the top, we were glad we had our backpack with a water bottle. I think we are going to have to buy a Hiking Water Bottle like this before our next hiking adventure!

steps on trail_tn
steps on trail 2_tn

Connect with Pine Mountain State Park

1050 State Park Road
Pineville, KY 40977
Phone: (606) 337-3066

Pine Mountain State Park:
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Have you hiked the trails at Pine Mountain State Park? Which one is your favorite? I’d love to hear!

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