Hiking Boots for the Great Outdoors

Some of us love getting outdoors and doing some serious walking in what we hope will be open countryside. Yet if you sometimes ask people what figures high on their list of problems to deal with when it comes to hiking, two things may feature prominently: footwear and the weather!

Hiking Boots for the great outdoors

Now if you live just about anywhere in the northern parts of Europe, the reality of life is that the weather is unlikely to ever be guaranteed. Even in the height of summer, the weather may change quickly from being great to being pretty miserable and wet, even if extremes of cold may be restricted to wintertime.

If you are a fair weather hiker, then you may have to accept that your opportunities to get out and about might be rather more limited than if you are prepared to brave the elements – and that leads us to the subject of footwear.

Some hikers may tell you that it is relatively easy to get decent waterproof and wind protection clothing though, of course, different people may have different opinions as to brands etc.

What is more commonly heard are hikers debating the relative merits of their hiking boots – and not always necessarily indicating that they are entirely happy with them.

There is little doubt that if you are to really enjoy your hiking then you must have a great pair of hiking boots. Nothing is worse than having boots that are either uncomfortable or simply not up to the job in the sense that they let in water.

Some of us may have made the mistake in the past of selecting hiking boots based rather more on their appearance and perhaps what appears to be an exceptionally economic price tag, than their technical capabilities and reputation

It is potentially an easy mistake to make but also a very unfortunate one to discover if you are halfway up a mountain or hiking cross-country in wet conditions. In such situations, it may be too late to do anything about it other than to complain loudly to your companions about how uncomfortable you are.

It hopefully also goes without saying that inadequate hiking boots may, in some circumstances, also prove to be dangerous.

That is why, even if you are a relatively casual hiker, it might be advisable to think carefully about your footwear and incline towards something like a pair of sturdy Timberland hiking boots.

Of course, not all hiking involves pitting yourself against the worst nature can throw at you and in slightly less demanding conditions, you may be able to choose a pair of boots based largely on their appearance.

If you plan to really get out into the wilds though, it might be advisable to select a boot with a known pedigree and track record.

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