3 Tips for Encouraging Healthy Habits

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Raising kids is not an easy task. From the very first moment you find out you are pregnant, there is never a time when you are not planning, worrying, training, watching and trying to protect your child. As they grow and become more independent it becomes even more important to encourage healthy habits in all aspects of their life. My kids are in that in between stage where they don’t need my help in the daily task of getting ready or picking out clothes, but there are still plenty of healthy habits that we are working on daily. Oral health and cultivating a love for reading are two areas that we are focusing on in our household.

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3 Tips for Encouraging Healthy Habits

1. Model the Behavior You want To Teach

A love for reading is something that my kids are learning from us as well as my parents and grandma. I love when I walk out in the backyard and catch my kids reading a good book in the hammock out by the creek. Going regularly to the library and making sure my husband and I are always in the middle of a great book is starting to pay off in the lives of our kids as we see them learning to love books.

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2. Give them the Right Tools

Getting our kids to take good care of their teeth is not something that is going as well as the reading. It’s hard to convince boys that daily flossing and paying close attention to how they brush their teeth is an important use of their time.

I received some great LISTERINE products to help my kids do a better job of keeping their teeth and gums clean and healthy.

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Being able to properly floss is not easy for most kids. It’s just hard to figure out how to use a long piece of floss and reach between each of the back teeth. I’m excited to have my son start using this flosser and see how it helps him reach the back of his mouth.

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  • Long, ergonomic handle and non-slip grip to reach back teeth
  • High-tenacity yarn withstands breakage
  • Easily gets to 100% of HARD TO REACH PLACES®
  • High-tenacity string withstands breakage.
  • Flossing removes plaque on teeth that brushing may miss and is an important step in your oral care routine.

3. Give them Space to Learn

Sometimes the best way to learn is by messing up and making mistakes. As the kids are growing up, it is impossible to expect them to make the best choices every time. They are going to leave their dirty clothes in the floor, forget to clean up the water after taking a shower and will even track in mud all over my clean kitchen floor. Fortunately, the mistakes they make at these young age are usually fixed with a wash rag or mop. As they get older, the mistakes are going to have bigger consequences. If the kids can learn from their mistakes at a young age, they will hopefully be more able to make better choices as they get older.

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What healthy habits are you working on with your kids? I’d love to hear how you are helping your kids develop better oral health and learning to become book lovers.

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