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Headlights for Home Repair


We have been working very hard to get our house ready to sell, so we are constantly doing more home repairs. Sometimes the hardest part of a home DIY job is finding a free hand to hold a flashlight. Using Headlights for home repairs is one of the best ideas we’ve had.

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Energizer Headlights for Home Repair

My husband has been using a battery powered headlight for several months for home repairs. It is so much easier to crawl under the house and do home repairs when your hands are free and you don’t have to carry a flashlight. But the headlight he has been using was not quite as bright as his heavy duty flashlight.

We decided to go to Walmart and see what the options are for brighter headlights. Energizer offers 4 different headlights. They vary in price and function. My husband was looking for the strongest beam so he can do work in the attic, under the house and under cabinets.

Energizer Headlights for Home Repair

There is a trade off. You have to decide whether you want long battery life or the brightest flashlight beam. The brighter the beam, the less user time you have with the battery life. Consider your need so you can decide if you want the brighter beam or the longer battery life.

We decided we were more interested in the bright light than battery life. When you’re crawling around in the attic or under the house, you want to clearly see what is around you. Plus, you won’t be doing home repairs for more than a couple hours at a time.

energizer headlights in store

In years past, when my husband would do home repairs, I would hold the flashlight and he would tell me where to shine the light. But now with the Energizer Headlight, he is able to shine the light where he needs it.

Headlights for Home Repair
Headlights for Working Under the Counter

Typical home repairs require the standard set of tools – screwdrivers, hammer, drill, saws, toolbox. But in our house, we keep an Energizer Headlight in the toolbox. It just makes sense to be able to see what you are working on without using your hands.

Tools with energizer Headlight
Tools with Energizer Headlight

Bonus use for the Energizer Headlights

My kids love to play outside after dark. I let them wear the headlight while they are out catching lighting bugs. I think I’ll go back and pick up three of the Energizer headlights that cost about $5.00 each so they can play flashlight tag and enjoy after dark fun!

Energizer Headlights for Kids
Energizer Headlights for Kids
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