Happy Birthday John Wayne


On May 26, we celebrate the birthday of one of the most iconic actors of all time. Marion Robert Morrison, who most of us know best as John Wayne was born in Winterset, Iowa on May 26, 1907. Whether you are celebrating his birthday by taking virtual tours of his birthplace museum in Iowa, or having a movie and popcorn night watching your favorite John Wayne movie, today is a great day to get ready for John Wayne’s Birthday!

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Happy Birthday John Wayne

Do you have a favorite John Wayne movie? I have always loved McClintock, Rio Bravo and El Dorado, but one of our favorites to watch when the kids were little was Hatari. With all the animals, this one was a great one to enjoy with the family.

When we were in Winterset, Iowa last fall, we had the opportunity to meet Brian Downes, the Executive Director of the John Wayne Birthplace Museum. He shared many stories of his time spent with John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara and the Wayne family. Spending time with people like this is one of our favorite parts about travel.

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Family with Brian Downes

John Wayne Birthday Celebration in Iowa

If John Wayne had been a western singer, he’d have been Red Steagall. Born and raised in the Panhandle Plains of Texas, Steagall champions the rugged spirit and traditions of his forbears, the same spirit exemplified by John Wayne throughout his entire motion picture career. It’s our great honor–and pleasure–to announce that Red Steagall will be headlining our 2018 John Wayne Birthday Celebration, May 25 & 26, in Winterset, Iowa.

John Wayne Drive

John Wayne Birthplace Museum

About the John Wayne Museum

205 S. John Wayne Dr.
Winterset, IA 50273
(515) 462-1044
Toll Free: (877) 462-1044

Want to know more about the John Wayne Birthplace Museum? Click here for tips before your visit!

John Wayne's Birthhome
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