Happiness is…. the love of a dog!

The famous cartoonist Charles M. Schultz once said that “Happiness is a Warm Puppy“. He built his life and career on the love of a little cartoon dog named Snoopy. Recently I asked my friends to share their favorite pictures of their children and ‘man’s best friend’. I was hoping for 2 or 3 cute pictures that showed that children love their dogs, but instead of a few, I was flooded with amazing photos showing the love between a child and their pet! So for those of you who believe that having a dog is an essential part of raising a child, you are going to love these pictures.


“Happiness is….”

Whether you love big dogs, small dogs, black dogs, white dogs…

misty 1_tn


Whether you enjoy your dog by the pool or in the woods…

lisa 3_tn

lisa 2_tn

Dogs in your bed or on your head….

lisa 1_tn
lara child dog reading_tn
lara child dog 4_tn
felicia 2_tn

These kids know that a dog can truly be their best friend….

lara child dog 2_tn

heather 1_tn

felicia 1_tn

ann 4_tn

sandi 1_tn

lara child dog 3_tn
ann 3_tn
natalie and henry

Do you have a favorite picture that shows your child and your dog? Do you believe that “happiness is a warm puppy”?

Thanks for all these friends, bloggers, Moms and Grandmas for sharing these adorable photos that just make us all smile this morning. Each picture is used with permission from the owner.

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