DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

If you are planning to create Halloween costumes for your kids, it’s time to get started thinking and planning! Here are 10 Halloween Costumes to get your brain moving in the right direction! We’ve got everything from Scarecrows, Captain America and Frozen Princesses to a Zombie or 80’s girl with items you can find from the dollar store. Creating costumes for your kids can be a really fun event for both you and your children, but it does take some time and work! Here are some DIY Halloween Costumes to help celebrate the season!

Halloween Costumes for Kids

I have always had fun creating Halloween costumes for my kids. There have been a few years where they wore store bought costumes, but most of the time we’ve created something fun at home. I’ve made a baseball for my 2 year old, turned my baby into a bumblebee in the snuggly that I was wearing. I’ve had Star Wars Darth Vader costumes and more princess costumes than I can remember. It’s been a fun ride these past years to watch their interests grow and develop.

Here are 10 DIY Halloween costumes that are sure to inspire you to get creative!

What are your kids planning to be for Halloween? Do you already have their costumes planned out? I’d love to hear what Halloween costumes you are creating for your kids this year!

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