Growing Popcorn in our Garden

Do you love popcorn? Our family loves microwave popcorn, air popped popcorn or movie theater popcorn but we’ve never grown our popcorn. This past week, my friend brought me an ear of popcorn that her dad grew in his garden. This was a new experience to pop an ear of corn fresh out of the garden. Guess what we have planned for next summer? We are planning on growing popcorn in our garden!

growing popcorn

Growing Popcorn in our Garden

popcorn  2

We broke an ear of corn in half, dropped it in a brown paper sack and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes. I was a bit uncertain as to what would happen and the kids were super curious. In just a couple minutes we had fresh popcorn ready to eat. All it needed to make it absolutely perfect was a little salt and some drizzles of melted butter.

popcorn  3

I had no idea we could grow our own popcorn in our garden. I can’t wait to order some popcorn seeds and watch it grow next season.

About Popcorn Kernels

Harvest in late August or September when the kernels on the ears are dry and glossy and the stalks and leaves are completely dry. Let dry in an airy place. When completely dry, husk, strip, pop and enjoy.

Have you ever grown popcorn in your garden? Did you know it could be done this easy? I’d love to hear!

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  1. I got free popcorn seeds from Chickaboom this spring and just harvested the corn two weeks ago. I’m going to try the ear in the microwave!

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