Growing Dreams: One Coin at a Time

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to plan an adventure. It’s been a long time since we hit the road and went exploring. So, even though I may not be really ready to make reservations (yet), I’m already doing the first thing that must be done before any vacation can happen. I’m starting to save money! One fun way to save for travel is to collect your coins. Today I’m sharing a super simple Cricut design to help remind me that I’m not just collecting coins in a jar – I’m growing dreams!

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Growing Dreams: One Coin at a Time

Whether you are saving for a new house, vehicle, musical instrument or vacation, you need some money to fund the adventure. So start this year with a old fashioned piggy bank and start growing dreams: one coin at a time!

Materials Needed


  • Pick out the plastic bank you want to use
  • Measure the space for your vinyl transfer
  • Design your phrase
  • Print on the vinyl of your choice
  • Weed out the excess vinyl
  • Apply to your plastic bank
  • Start Watching your Dream Grow – one coin at a time

Other Ways to Save Money


You don’t have to use a Cricut machine with vinyl to create a coin bank. A few years ago, I used individual juice bottles and collected coins for several months as we prepared for vacation. We then had the entire family guess how much was in each bottle. It was a fun competition that motivated us to all save our random coins.

Tip: Some people like to pay themselves at the beginning of each month with an automatic deposit from your checking account into your savings account. This is a great way to make sure you are investing in yourself without having to remember to take that extra step!

How do you plan to save money this year? Are you using a traditional piggy bank or making something unique? I’d love to see how you are building dreams – one coin at a time!

Whether you choose to get crafty and make one of these creative piggy banks or choose to use something you have in your home doesn’t really matter. Just make sure you are starting to save money so you’ll be ready when it’s time for your next dream to take shape!

How do you save money?

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