“Greetings from my Garden” Tumbler

I love finding “greetings from” murals when we are out on road trips. Whether you are planning a trip or spending the summer in your garden, you may want to make a “greetings from my garden” tumbler using some cheery floral infusible ink and a heat press machine. *This design could also be resized and applied to a coffee mug or larger tumbler using the Cricut Mug Press.

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“Greetings from my Garden” Tumbler

Materials Needed


Measure the size of your aluminum tumbler. Cut your infusible ink and cut with your Cricut.

Weed out the excess infusible ink pieces and use heat-safe tape to attach the design to your tumbler.

For this project, I’m testing out a heavy-duty, commercial-grade heat press This one allows you to tighten the press to accommodate skinnier mugs. **If you are using the Cricut Mug Press, then you will need to wrap the skinny tumbler in butcher paper in order to fill the press.

The tumbler will be extremely hot. Because this press doesn’t completely cover the tumbler, use heat-safe gloves or a potholder to turn the tumbler halfway through the process.

Let your tumbler cool and then remove the design to reveal your finished product.

Now I can enjoy my “greetings from my GARDEN” tumbler all winter long.

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