Great American Dollhouse Museum

Do you love History? Visual Art? Miniatures? Expert craftsmanship? Then you need to visit the Great American Dollhouse Museum in Danville, KY. About 10 years ago I met a lady who had a dream. She wanted to take her love for miniatures, history, story telling, art and dollhouses and create an environment where people could come and experience something unique. Lori Kagan-Moore is living her dream. My kids and I visited the Great American Dollhouse last week.

Great American Dollhouse Museum

Located in downtown Danville, KY just minutes from the Boyle County Public Library, this musuem is accessible and affordable. What makes it unique? I knew that Lori and her team would have an amazing, worthwhile exhibit. What I wasn’t expecting was the subtle humor and meticulous attention to details.

Each display is a work of art. There were several displays that really captured my kids and my attention. In one of the displays, you can see the story of a boy who has been caught with his sling shot. He has destoryed a glass gumball machine outside the general store. You can see the whole story line – complete with the details of the glass breakage and the look of displeasure on the store owner’s face. If you look closely in the toy store window nearby, you can see the tiny dolls from popular nursery rhymes.


Another display tells the story of the Underground Railroad. You can see the events come alive as the negro slaves are rushed into hiding by the families along the station route.

The Great American Dollhouse Museum showcases over 200 dollhouses, miniature buildings, and room boxes, furnished in remarkable detail and populated with tiny people at work and play. The Museum’s unique focus is the depiction of American social history in miniature.

In order to appreciate the museum, you need to plan to take your time. It’s really one of those places that deserves mulitple visits. You can purchase one time admission tickets or do even better and become a museum member. At just $45 for a family (2 adults and up to 4 children), this is definitely the best deal. There’s no way to absorb all the detail in one visit. We’re already planning a return visit the next time our extended family comes to town.

Have you visited the Dollhouse Museum? I’d love to hear your favorite part!

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This review is completely my own opinion. I am not affiliated with the museum in any way.

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