Grandmother’s Necklace Restored

Mary not only makes necklaces and earrings, she actually creates the glass beads for all her creations.  Mary starts with bars of colored glass, melts them and combines them with different substances and other colors of glass to create these one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

A little over 15 years ago I inherited a special necklace from my Grandmother when she passed away.  This was a necklace that I was allowed to play with as a little girl every time I visited my Grandmother.

Unfortunately, the string had dry rotted and the necklace was just a pile of beads.  I asked my friend Mary to restring it for me.  She added a bonus of 2 sets of earrings so I can enjoy this heirloom! Thanks so much Mary!

Mary decided it was time to find a new hobby once her kids began to grow up.

Little did she know that one introductory class would lead to where she is now – a professional crafter who has turned this interest into a profession.

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