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Glow in the Dark Flowers

I’ve been fascinated with glow in the dark jars for several weeks. So I decided to try my own glow in the dark approach – painting flowers with glow in the dark paint. I contacted Holcraft: Painters Source, who was really excited about seeing how their glow in the dark paint could turn common items into something spectacular. If you are ready to turn fake flowers into something amazing when the lights go out, take a look at these tips.

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Glow in the Dark Flowers

We decided to try the paint on artificial flowers. I purchased $3.00 of artificial roses and carnations and started experimenting. We discovered that there is no wrong way to paint the flowers. You can paint the entire petals or just coat the tips with paint. It’s completely up to you and your imagination.

Another technique we tried is dipping the flowers in the paint. We even used a toothbrush to paint on some of the petals.


You can mix the paints together to make your own blended colors. The kids mixed and painted and made a grand mess.


To take the pictures, we turned off the flash, turned on a small black light and laid the flowers on a dark blanket. We experimented with several settings and finally got several pictures we really liked.

glow in the dark flower 4

If you have a blacklight, you can get the most impressive glow in the dark fake flowers. The paint really responds better to the light than just letting them glow on their own.

glow in the dark flower 1
glow in the dark flower 2

What do you think? Have you tried using glow in the dark paint for some special effects? I’d love to see what you have created!

You can order Glow in the dark paint from Amazon or buy it at your local craft store.

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  1. Making glow in the dark flowers?? That is really cool and creative. I teach at an art class for students in middle school. Now I am really inspired for a project idea since I haven’t been able to think of one. Thank you hobbies on a budget!!!

    1. I have to totally agree with you. THat is a cool and creative idea!! Now you have inspired me too, Lindsey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. How long does the glow in the dark paint last? Is the paint bright even with a little bit of light? We have two street lamps shining on our house and it does make our house not that dark when we turn off the lights. I guess, I’ll have to buy curtains to go over the blinds eventually. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to make fire-fly jars to go outside and glow in the dark flower arrangements. Pretty cool stuff 🙂

    1. The glow in the dark paint I’m using only shines on its own for a couple of minutes. But if you have a black light, then it would glow forever. I’m trying to find a solar powered black light to put in my gardens. I think that would be cool. I would love to find glow in the dark paint that last longer though . Even the planets that hang in my kids room don’t glow very long though….. hmmmmm…. I’ll have to keep looking I think!

    1. Sure! I’ll get that posted this next week! I actually forgot about my plan to post that lol…… Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  3. If I can do these, you can surely do them too! They turned out really cool. I’m going to post the how-tos in a day or two (once I get some time to write them up! Lol) Thanks!

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