Glow in the Dark Ideas for all Seasons


Who doesn’t love glow in the dark stuff? Whether you’re at a late night outdoor concert, playing hide and seek on a long summer night or decorating for Halloween with glow in the dark spooky critters – glow sticks, paint and black light just make every night a bit more. No matter what time of year you are celebrating, here are some fun Glow in the Dark Ideas for all Seasons! The good thing about glow in the dark crafts is that you can adapt them for any age, event or budget.

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Glow in the Dark Ideas

Glow Sticks are super fun when you’re just ready for some fun after dark, but they can also be put to good uses many other times. Have you thought about using glow sticks for these events?

  • Glow Sticks make a perfect night light when the power goes out. Just give each child their own glow stick to set beside their bed.
  • Attach a glow stick bracelet to a dog’s collar when you head out after dark so you don’t lose your little fur ball in the dark.
  • Give kids glow sticks when you go for a walk on the beach after dark. No more looking for each child on the sand.
  • Stash a pack of glow sticks in your emergency kit.

There are some amazing ideas for crafting, decorating and celebrating with glow in the dark paint, blacklights and glow sticks. You can buy Glow Sticks at your local big box store or on

Have you done any fun crafts with glow in the dark sticks or paint? I’d love to hear and see what you’ve done!

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