Holiday Snacks Gingerbread M&Ms

What is better than M&Ms by the handful or cookies baked with gooey M&M’s? How about Gingerbread M&Ms or cookies with these special seasonal M&M’s? I love the smell of Gingerbread cookies during the Christmas season and can’t wait to try these new Gingerbread M&Ms! But you also know that I hate to pay full price for anything! That’s why I’m excited to partnering with Mars Candy to bring you this coupon to help you save money on your holiday snacks!

Holiday Snacks with Gingerbread M&M’s

Whether you are making cookies, snack jars, a gingerbread house or planning to do some holiday crafts, Gingerbread M&M’s are going to make everything a little more fun!

Brighten your home for the holidays with red and green Gingerbread M&M’s® to decorate and bring good cheer! Get your coupon today so you can deck the halls with Gingerbread-inspired holiday ideas and fill your home with joy this season.  

What do you plan to create with the new Gingerbread M&Ms? I can’t wait to try them myself! Got a favorite recipe? Share with us so we can all make some great holiday snacks!

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  1. Why are all the bloggers suddenly promoting M&M products? Collective Bias has a poor marketing strategy. Maybe not organize bloggers to promote a single product all at once. It’s creepy and makes the bloggers appearance to like the product less believable. Jmho

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