Gift Ideas Using Crochet Appliques

Have you ever thought about how people love homemade gifts? If you understand basic crochet stitches, you can create simple crochet appliques to bring people simple joy to a lot of people. Print off a Bible Verse, or motivational saying or drop it in an envelope to brighten someone’s day. Some people use these small crochet appliques for quilts or big projects but I have been enjoying sharing them to give away as simple random gifts. If you are looking for super quick projects to share as gifts, these crochet appliques may be just what you are looking for.

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During the winter months, I enjoy pulling out my crochet hooks and learning something new. Last month I learned to create “don’t worry” worms and had so much fun that I decided to try crochet hearts. These past few weeks I’ve been learning to make flowers, teddy bears, and even butterflies.

Gift Ideas Using Crochet Appliques

You can even fill a basket and leave it out on a counter at work or in your office to share with people who you see during the day.

When you have flowers that start blooming, pick a couple and add a fun applique to the vase and share it with a friend.

Which yarn is best?

There is no right or wrong yarn for appliques. Use the colors you love and the yarn you have on hand. I used cotton yarn for some of the appliques and regular acrylic for others. You will get different textures and results depending on the weight of your yarn.

Which hook size should I use?

You can use any crochet hook size you like but I found that I loved the D 3.0 mm best for the smaller appliques like the flower and butterfly. The larger the hook, the larger the finished product will be.

Applique Ideas

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