Last Minute Christmas Idea for Readers

Do you have a reader on your Christmas list and you can’t find the perfect gift? Here’s a last-minute gift idea for readers that doesn’t cost much money and is guaranteed to be a hit with the book lover! It’s so simple that you can pull it together in just a few minutes!

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Last Minute Christmas Idea for Readers

I inherited my love for reading from my Dad! (Of course, he inherited it from his Mom who still loved to read till she finished her last chapter at age 98! When I was growing up, he always had at least one book that he was reading. As part of his job, he has to do alot of study and reading, but he never quit reading for fun! Even today when we get together or talk on the phone, the conversation often turns to “What are you reading now?”.

Sharon, Dad and Grandma

One year for Christmas I had a really fun idea.

I went to a used book store in Chattanooga and traded some of the books and movies I no longer needed and ‘bought’ Dad about 30 used paperback books. I individually wrapped each one and then wrapped them all in a big box. Imagine his surprise when he realized he had a brand new library to explore over the next 12 months. He decided to open them one at a time so he would be surprised with each present.

I didn’t even bother looking for particular authors. Shh….. Don’t tell this secret – I just went through the shelves and looked for the cheapest books I could find that actually looked interesting. He found several fun treasures of books. Of course, there were a few duds because Not every book can become a classic!

Do you have a reader in your life that would enjoy a Christmas gift like I gave my Dad? I’d love to hear how you find the books and how your reader friend loves your gift!

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