Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

Have you been bitten by the travel bug? If you have, then you know that every day you are dreaming about your next adventure. You find ways to incorporate adventure and new experiences into every part of your life. And that, of course, means that even when you are planning baby showers, wedding gifts, birthday presents or Christmas, you are always looking for gifts with a connection to travel. If you or someone you love is passionate about travel and adventure, then you are going to love some of these gift ideas for travel lovers!

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Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

Go for Practical Gifts

If you know a traveler who is planning their next trip, then how about a practical gift that will help them stay organized? Recently on a work trip, I tried out the Clakit StrapPack (Two Zipper Clip-On Pouch – Travel Wallet, Backpack Pouch, Passport Holder). This small heavy-duty pouch attaches to my laptop backpack shoulder strap using the Clakit Clip. It allowed me to easily access my driver’s license, back up boarding pass, chap stick, phone and a couple dollars so I don’t have to dig through my suitcase or backpack when I need these items.

Gift ideas for travel lovers

All travelers need portable chargers so they can stay connected on the road or between flights. And of course, there is no such thing as too many water bottles – especially if you go with one of the LifeStraw Go bottles so you can filter your water with every fill up!

Travel Themed Fun Stuff

Got a travel friend who is expecting a baby? Why not give a travel themed baby toy like this Pebble Crochet camper van (hippy vans / holiday vans). This is a fun way to share your love of travel with the next generation and do a world of good at the same time!

At Pebble we like to think that our toys spread smiles worldwide: the ladies who make them in Bangladesh smile because the toys bring them work, the parents smile because the toys keep their babies happy and enable them to shop with a conscience and the babies smile – well you can see why! We hope you love this little rattle as much as we do.

Sometimes travel lovers hit a season in their life where they can’t do as much as travel as they want to. That’s when it may be time to find a travel-inspired bird feeder or Christmas ornament.

Give Consumables

The thing about travel lovers is that most travelers don’t like stuff that weighs them down. When my brother was in college he was doing a lot of travel. So for Christmas that year we gave him a box filled with consumables.  We figured out what his favorite brands were and gave him just enough to get him through one month.  We knew that he wouldn’t want a bunch of extras that he had to store, but this would let him save his money for the things he really wanted to use it on – like gas for the next road trip.

You could pack all these items in a box or make it more fun and fill a new backpack so the traveler would be ready for their next adventure!

Consumable Gift Ideas:

  • Non-perishable Food items (Peanut Butter, tuna, crackers, macaroni n cheese)
  • Canned Goods (soup, tunafish, fruit,)
  • Drink Mixes (coffee, tea, hot cocoa)
  • Laundry Items (detergent, fabric softener)
  • Toiletries (shampoo, body wash, razors, toothpaste)

Think Safety

Sometimes the best gift is something that would help keep the traveler safe. Do they need a new road map or GPS? Have they got a membership to an emergency roadside assistance service? If not, you could buy a year subscription or renew their current membership.

Another thing that we did a few years ago is to purchase a membership to Air Evac Lifeteam. For as little as $65 a year you can purchase what could potentially impact your life forever.

An Air Evac Lifeteam membership (participating provider in the AirMedCare Network) costs just $65 per year for your entire household. Membership covers you for emergency transport with participating providers across 32 states.

What kinds of gifts do you like to give travel lovers? I’d love to hear!

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