Gift Ideas for New Drivers

I have officially started driving. Crazy I know, but slowly and surely I’m learning how to be gentle on the brakes and not throw Mom through the windshield. As I’ve practiced in empty parking lots and slowly eased out on the real road, I’ve realized there are a couple must-have items that all new drivers need.

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Gift Ideas for New Drivers


I’ve never been one to wear sunglasses much as a passenger, but from the driver’s seat a good pair of sunglasses is necessary. A few times squinting around corners in empty parking lots made me put a good pair of sunglasses on my Christmas list this past year.


After getting my shiny new permit a couple months back, the wallet I used to carry my library card and money for school trips didn’t quite cut it. It was time to upgrade to a wallet that fit my new needs and my style. I love this one.

Leather mini wallet with snap button closure. RFID blocking lining. Back zip pocket. Inside I.D. window, credit card slots, and bill pocket. Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.5 x .25 in.

Mini BiFold Wallet

Key Chain

I might not have my own car yet, but I do have to keep up with the spare keys from my parents’ car and a key chain is not only practical but a fun way to show off some personality.

AAA/Air Evac Membership

Another great idea to add new drivers to the family AAA/ Air Evac Membership. This provides a great peace of mind for parents and for the young driver.

Sign up for the Air Evac program and receive 3 months bonus on your membership when you use the name Sharon Williams as the referrer.

Debit Card

A debit card is top on the list to get new drivers. It’s another way to give your teens access to emerengy money more than the cash they remember to stick in their wallet. This is also a great time to start teaching us teens about how to manage our money.

Grocery Store Loyalty Card

Pretty soon when we need milk (or chocolate), Mom will be able to send me out to the store. Giving teens their own grocery store loyalty card will not only help save my folks’ money but also instill the habit of finding ways to save money now.

Emergency Alarm

An emergency alarm for the keychain is a great precaution for teens to have when we’re out driving on our own.


Carry a flashlight around with you for one day and you’ll be amazed how often you use it. It’s not only a safety meausre but also a practical thing for new drivers.

Driving is something I’ve looked forward to for a while now. I’m sure your teens have also. These are some things that from my own driving practice I’ve learned would be practical for all new drivers to have.

What are some other things you feel are important to give new drivers?

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  1. Natalie, great article! The loyalty card is something I didn’t think of. I got my daughter an air freshener clip and refills for Christmas.

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