New Gift Ideas for Gardeners


Spring weather means more time to spend outside cleaning out flower-beds, planning new gardens and getting all the tools ready for the new gardening season. This is also a great time to think about some fun gift ideas for gardeners. Start thinking now so you’ll be ready for birthdays and special events!

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Gift Ideas for Gardeners

We have put several gardening themed gift baskets together over the years since there are several passionate gardeners in our family. There are some constant gift ideas that are good for all ages.

You can buy all the individual pieces or just purchase a First Aid Kit for Gardeners on

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Garden Inspired Gifts

But there are some other gift ideas that people often overlook. Take a look at these products that are perfect for gifting to the garden lover on your list!


When I first heard about these seed packs I just laughed out loud. Of course, we know that it’s impossible to grow a beagle or a poodle, But what a fun gift idea for the gardener and dog lover in your life. I took the seeds out this week and planted my ‘dogseeds‘ and if everything goes as planned, I’ll have some tasty beefsteak tomatoes in a couple of months.

Here’s a gift that’ll grow on everyone…a packet of DOGSEEDS! Yes, growing a dog from seeds sounds ridiculous. But so does “Mooba-Toober-Groober” (especially if you say it really fast)! So give a gift of hope… give DOGSEEDS… something you can be sure they don’t already have.

Gardening Books for Kids & Adults

The Seedling That Didn’t Want to Grow 

This story about a reluctant seedling packs a powerful message about the benefits of being different.

It’s early spring and below the earth’s surface seeds are just starting to sprout. One by one they stretch through the dirt and towards the sun, extending their shoots and leaves and growing tall. All except for one seedling, who isn’t quite ready. As most of the seeds transform into strong flowers, they block out the sun from the one left behind. In the end, this little seed turns into a flower that’s just as beautiful and healthy as all the others.

The Seedling That Didn’t Want to Grow 

Flower Power: The Magic of Nature’s Healers

Take on a magical journey through the world of healing flowers in Flower Power: The Magic of Nature’s Healers by Christine Paxmann and illustrated by renowned artist Olaf Hajek

Young readers can enjoy the work of Olaf Hajek while learning about the fascinating health benefits of flowers they encounter every day. Hajek’s paintings spring to life, populated by insects, birds, fruit, and fairytales that illustrate the drama of the natural world. Learn how iris roots were used to alleviate teething pain in babies and how poppy plants led to the invention of the salt shaker and look at flowers in a whole new light!

Flower Power: The Magic of Nature’s Healers

What gift ideas do you plan to give to the gardener in your life? Got any fun ideas? I’d love to hear!

Need a new patio pillow for your garden furniture? Why not make one tonight with an unused shopping bag?

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