Gift Ideas for Garden Lovers


This past week we’ve had some gorgeous weather in Kentucky! We’ve started cleaning out the flower beds and getting the yard ready for spring entertaining and backyard adventures. Since we all have family members just like me who love to get their toes in the fresh turned garden dirt after a long winter, let’s find some gift ideas for gardeners. Celebrate your love for these special people with these special gift ideas!

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Gift Ideas for Garden Lovers

Books & Journals

Not every day is full of sunshine. Some spring days are rainy and force you to spend time inside. When the weather keeps you from working in the yard, spend your time journaling about your garden plans or reading inspirational quotes about gardens and flowers!

The Gardener Says invites readers to a festive garden party where guests ranging from Gertrude Jekyll and Henry David Thoreau, to Michelle Obama and Michael Pollan share their insights and words of inspiration. Ranging from the humorous to the poignant, these quotes from gardeners, poets, philosophers, and landscape designers highlight both the joys and challenges of gardening. In the words of Mirabel Osler, the one occupation where “if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling.”

My Gardening Journal helps you keep a yearly log of how you’re doing with each crop. Set annual goals, keep a record of your work, track your performance, and note what you’ve learned over each season. Chart garden design and plan next year’s layout. Keep a record of plantings, soil chemistry, fertilizing, compost rotation, pest issues, weather, watering needs and more.

Gas Can

This is definitely not the most fun part of getting ready for Spring, but most of us have gas powered weed eaters, mowers, tillers, or chain saws that we are pulling out of the garage. Some gas cans are so heavy that many gardeners can’t carry them. Share a small Scepter SmartControl 2 gallon gas can so you will be ready for all the small tasks that require gas.

Introducing a new generation of gas cans featuring the Scepter SmartControl® easy pour spout! The SmartControl® system offers customers ease of use in a durable design, with an added layer of protection. The SmartControl® delivers fast fills without spills. The easy-push and controllable flow makes filling everything from lawn mowers to recreational vehicles a cleaner, safer, better experience.

Scepter SmartControl gallon gas

Muck Boots

Muddy gardens and good tennis shoes don’t go together. You might want to have a pair of muck boots or garden shoes that you keep by the back door so you’ll be ready to tackle the gardens and still protect your good shoes.

Work Gloves

Work Gloves are crucial when working in the yard. Not only do they protect your fingernails, rings and hand from scratches and cuts, but they also can be a first layer of protection against possible snakes, bugs or spiders.

Silicone Straw & Lid

We all love to sip on our water, lemonade or sweet tea while we’re out in the yard, but we don’t want gnats, bugs or flies getting in our drink. Instead of using plastic straws or lids, why not use a Luumi silicone reusable lid/straw combo?

Insert a LUUMI Straw into one of the two small holes and enjoy a smoothie, milkshake or iced latte. When they get dirty, throw the Lid & Straw in the dishwasher. No fuss, no muss. One size fits all.

Bird Feeders

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in a lawn chair or at your picnic table watching the birds flit around the feeders. We have feeders positioned around the yard for the different varieties of birds. Fill up the hummingbird feeders, finch feeders and wildbird feeders so you’ll be ready for the show.

Have you seen this cool birdseed scoop to help fill the feeders?

New Garden Flag

Every garden needs a pretty garden flag. Freshen up for spring with a new personalized floral burlap garden flag.

Display a beautiful floral-accented initial and your family name or phrase with this classy Personalized Family Initial With Floral Burlap Garden Flag. Create this garden flag with any initial and any last name – it’s so easy! This versatile elegant burlap garden flag from Gifts For You Now can be used through multiple seasons!

Solar Windchimes

Gardeners love their birds and chimes. Combine the love of both with a solar powered hummingbird windchimes set. We bought this for my Mom last Christmas and she enjoys it inside in the winter and takes it outside in the spring.

Lawn Chair Cushions

Most of us leave our lawn chairs out year round. If so, they probably need some attention to get them cleaned up and ready for spring. Spray them off, wipe them down or clean up the seat covers.

What is your favorite gift idea for the garden lover in your life? I’d love to see what you are sharing as the seasons change!

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