Best Gifts for the Man in your Life

Whether you are already thinking about Father’s Day or looking for a way to celebrate a birthday for the man in your life, now is a good time to start thinking about the perfect way to say thanks to the man who has been there since the very beginning. He’s the one who gave us our first piggyback ride, taught us how to understand the basics of sports and helped build the first treehouse. Dads are typically the ones who taught us to drive, vetted our boyfriend, and hug us when we have a bad day. Here are some gift ideas for Father’s Day & Birthdays.

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Best Gifts for the Man in your Life

So how do you find the perfect Father’s Day gift to say thanks for all the things he means to you?

Think outside the Tie:

There are some Dads who wear neckties every day and would welcome a brand new tie, but for the rest of the Fathers, it might be a good idea to go a step beyond the tie. If you have some old ties that are sentimental but not being used anymore, why not create a bookmark out of an old tie to pair with a new book or gift card to his favorite bookstore?

How to turn a tie into a bookmark

You could turn a special tie that has seen too many coffee spills into a flashlight holder to use beside your child’s bed. This could be a special way to have Dad look after you when he can no longer be with you.

Socks for Comfort & Fun

Whether the Dad on your list is a traveler who logs hours in a car or plane or someone who is on his feet all the time and dealing with circulation issues, socks may be the perfect gift. But not just any socks…. how about Nabee Compression Socks in a fun pattern? Buy two pair – one with the standard black so he can wear them when he needs to blend in and one with American flag stripes so he can show his colors!

  • Keep your socks on without discomfort with our non-binding, non-slip design.
  • No more achilles heal irritation – extra achilles heel padding.
  • Extra arch support.
  • Cushioned Sole to make you feel like your walking on clouds.
  • No more irritating bumps with our seamless toe design.  Breathable and softer fabric.

Load Him up with Books

If your Dad is a reader, then maybe you can pick up a boxful of books at a used bookstore or on and wrap them individually. One year we used this gift idea for my Dad and let him enjoy a new book every week. Since Dad loves to read new authors, this was a fun way to give him something new to read as well as the excitement of a surprise to open a gift every few weeks.

Give a Comfy Blanket

I don’t know about you, but we always keep blankets on the couch so everyone is comfortable during family movies. Why not give a PediPocket velvety-soft blanket that will keep Dad comfortable? The ultra-plush, microfiber fleece blanket is nearly 6 feet long and has a built-in pocket on the bottom that will keep his feet nice and warm.

Make a Memory:

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that don’t involve a tangible item. Does your Dad love to fish, hunt, golf, or watch a movie? Then suggest some calendar dates so you and your Dad can go spend some time together making a memory.

Give a Picture:

If your Dad has an office or workspace where he spends time regularly, then he might welcome a new picture of the family. Many times it seems that pictures never make it to the office and remain on the house mantle or bookshelf. I used to not realize how important it is to have pictures with my parents, but a few years ago I started making it a point to take a picture with Mom and Dad when we are together. I want to have pictures of us, not just pictures of the kids. Don’t you agree?

Recruit Cards:

When my Dad turned 70 a few years ago, we sent out emails to hundreds of people that know and love him and asked them to send birthday cards. I had them sent to me so we could surprise him with a box full of cards. We ended up with almost 150 birthday cards from people all around the country. It was a special gift that didn’t cost a lot of money but was very special.

Father’s Day and birthday gifts don’t have to be stressful or expensive. Think about what your Dad loves and then share that with him.

What do you plan to share with your Father this year? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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